bedding material

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material used to provide a bed for animals

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Miscanthus is highly absorbant, but not readily available, while rushes have been used as bedding material for hundreds of years, and is still used when cereal straw is expensive.
Poultry bedding material has to meet a numerous criteria since bedding has many roles and significant impact on broiler production (Robins and Philips, 2011).
HPAB is completing site validations all across North America and International markets to recycle waste bedding shavings in areas of high horse & rider populous, where inadequate stockpiling of manure has caught the attention of the EPA the region and the public causing significant environmental concerns with the use and improper disposal of equine bedding material.
Thus, the presence of bedding and the type of bedding material have a great impact on the performance and health of dairy cows, and on the ammonia emission from the barns.
To a question, he said Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE are among the leading markets in the region for bedding materials.
In the Gulf, the biggest consumers of bedding materials are Saudi, UAE and Kuwait.
The KMC 6400 litter windrower forms windrows for composting bedding material in poultry houses, inverts the windrows, and spreads the bedding material for the next flock.
INTRODUCTION: Since the early stage of a calf's life is a critical period of time, housing and environmental factors, including floor and bedding material are important.
The Neanderthals lived the ultimate clean and literally green lifestyle, for they apparently constructed new beds out of grass every so often, using the old bedding material to help fuel the hearth.
I intend to try it as a cheekpiece on long guns and as stock bedding material for rifle actions and barrels.
The compare/will also refurbish slide rail system components, such as steel posts and panels; aluminum trench shields such as XLAP, aluminum modular Build-A-Box components such as panels and corner posts, and Corru-Lite (corrugated aluminum panel) shields; hydraulic vertical shores, hydraulic walers, and hydraulic aluminum trench shields; and Stone Mizer bedding material container.
In bed with The Beatles - a sample of the new bedding material from Character World
95) features over 20 projects for cats and their homes, from toys and bedding material to home cat themes.
They are forced to sleep on the floors or on benches without bedding material,'' said Los Angeles lawyer Cynthia Anderson-Barker.