bedding geranium

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an upright geranium having scalloped leaves with a broad color zone inside the margin and white or pink or red flowers

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2 Seeds of a new year - if you are getting itchy fingers and want to get some new plants underway, you can sow onions and leeks in a frost free glasshouse and, with a little extra heat from a heated propagator, you can sow bedding geraniums and fibrous rooted begonias now.
Q Last year I took cuttings from my bedding geraniums (pelargoniums) in August and over-wintered them in my new greenhouse.
Q: I over-winter my cuttings of bedding geraniums (pelargoniums) in a cold greenhouse.
YOU can now begin propagating pelargoniums or bedding geraniums that you have overwintered.
Sow seeds of bedding geraniums now because they are slow to germinate and need a long, protected growing period to get to a good size.
SAVE bedding geraniums by digging them up and cutting back straggly growth to six to eight inches before potting them and keeping them dry at the roots and in a frost-free place for the winter.
TAKE cuttings from the soft stem tips of bedding geraniums (right) or pelargoniums - root them in a propagator or on a window ledge and keep dry and frost-free over winter.
BEDDING geraniums or pelargoniums are a good choice for pots as they can withstand dry conditions better than most plants.
As well as choosing drought tolerant plants such as grey-leaved santolinas and bedding geraniums that grow best in free-draining soil, mix some water retaining gel into the soil, which will swell and hold in water.
PELARGONIUMS, or bedding geraniums, are easily the best plants to grow to create your Caribbean idyll.
SOW seeds of antirrhinums, bedding geraniums, begonias, lobelia and verbena in pots of moist compost and germinate under a tent of polythene on a warm, shady windowsill.
SOW bedding geraniums in pots on a warm windowsill now.
PINCH out growing tips on fuchsias and bedding geraniums to create bushy plants.
QMY bedding geraniums that I saved from last summer's displays have mottled yellow leaves with brown spots on the undersides.
SOW seeds of lobelia, bedding geraniums and snapdragons in a heated propagator.