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This double sided cloth was woven for practical hardwearing bedcovers.
She did not realize that this particular bedcover was made of cotton, not linen; nor that it was actually made, not by a patriotic American woman, but by a British weaver for export to the former colonies.
Mr Everitt added: "Sometimes I've gone into a property, pulled back the bedcover and there have literally been thousands of the mites.
A homemade quilt is much more than a bedcover, it is pieces of our lives stitched together with love.
Decide what to make: a cushion, a bag, a tapestry, a bedcover.
The material excuse for the creation of the room is the marvellous wall-hangings, donated by Mrs Wrightsman, which are now kept well away from the visitor in the bed alcove; the bedcover and the inner hangings are modern, as also are the balustrade and three of the four chandeliers, copied from the fourth, which dates from about 1715.
Ceremony - Shingon tea pot pounds 25; Purity - Miyono teapots from pounds 15; Love - Glassware from pounds 3; Desire - Shimla satin quilted bedcover pounds 230, Sanwei micro-quilted cotton throw pounds 150, mohair throw pounds 70, Patnasilk bedcover pounds 230.
His materials are clean, and his compositions--like the lyrical I Am the Resolution, 2003, a field of port-colored tatters and marble-size blue, turquoise, marigold, and lemon beads sewn onto a bedcover that's been belted at the middle--are highly structured.
Samuel's non-reading became painfully evident: "An analogy is drawn between book and bedcover by editor (/photographer) Lydia Hamessley.
Insulation - A variety of bedcover solutions designed to meet individual comfort, tactility and temperature needs.
With its floral bedcover, lime wallpaper, white painted bed and voile curtains, this room is the perfect hideaway in which to kick off your shoes.
A second fashionable chintz bedcover design, the applique album quilt, became popular in the 1830s.
An anonymous Bahraini woman knitted a bedcover, dubbed as the "Blessing Blanket", when she underwent treatment for ovarian cancer and is now being treated for colon cancer.
Two bizarre-looking winged creatures, each just bigger than Liz's thumb, were standing on the bedcover, and these entities had a pair of human-like legs and two arms with tiny hands, but their heads looked grotesque.