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bug of temperate regions that infests especially beds and feeds on human blood

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Latest figures show that Coventry City Council were kept busy in 2015-16 with a total of 3,061 call-outs to deal with everything from rats to bedbugs.
It is well documented that bedbugs are a public health concern and a burden on society in both social and economic terms worldwide (Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], 2016a; Lai, Ho, Glick, & Jadeo, 2016).
Public awareness of the pest has been heightened by annual rankings of metro areas based on the number of bedbug treatments.
A bedbug is a small, dark red, and oval-shaped insect that looks similar to a tick.
But their trip to celebrate Christine's birthday turned into a nightmare when they were attacked by vicious bedbugs.
But Sue's sweet dreams quickly turned to horrific, blood-sucking nightmares because the mattress was full of hungry bedbugs.
Lured by body heat and exhaled carbon dioxide, bedbugs (Cimex lectularius) pierce the skin of slumbering victims.
According to Specialty Products Consultants, which monitors the global pest management industry, revenues derived from bedbug control have risen 5.
DEAR CONCERNED: Some unenlightened landlords blame bedbug infestations on the residents, but the truth is that a single infestation can reappear anywhere in the apartment complex over and over, regardless of origin, which is what may have happened in your space.
To the relief of Eugene Public Library patrons and employees, a pair of bug-sniffing beagles found no new live bedbugs in the library during a search on Saturday evening, library spokeswoman LaVena Nohrenberg said Sunday.
Biting of bedbug is painful causing nuisance and skin reactions, dermatitis, anaemia, pleuritis, etc (10).
This performance was driven by a problem with bedbug infestations, as well as other insect populations.
They've been out there with shovels and picks, learning how to trench and treat and calibrate; microscopes looking at termite damage and wood-rot damage; and knowing the difference between a bedbug versus a flea.
All products will come with a complimentary in-home inspection and evaluation from Terminix as well as tips on how to avoid a bedbug or insect infestation.
Dinesh Ramachandran, Technical Manager of National Pest Control (NPC), said: "If pest control is to be effective, the client has to follow our recommendations and prepare well in terms of access, clearing of clutter, hot-wash and laundry of bed linen, quilts, curtains etc, vacuuming of cracks and crevices before we start bedbug treatment.