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  • verb

Synonyms for bedazzle

to confuse with bright light

Synonyms for bedazzle

to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light


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Such bedazzlements in Ashbery can be seen in the temporal poetics recoverable in the reverberations of the text that help create "the feeling of really / Being out of the world and with it" (Houseboat Days, 5) which Ashbery describes in Houseboat Days the feeling that is provoked by Messiaen as well as Ashbery.
Such experiences are recoverable in rituals of the sacred and what we are calling rhythms of bedazzlement, and they call for a particular modality of reading.
Such readings do not take into account Messiaen's "bedazzlement," that is also to be found in Ashbery.
The "bedazzlement" that Messiaen describes is the bedazzlement of spring in Ashbery.
As we have seen, Messiaen's music pursues similar bedazzlement, and as his life-long fascination with birdsong suggests, they are connected on some level with springtime.
David Leveaux's glittering production of this 1972 play doesn't just serve up the play's intricately layered bedazzlements, it improves upon them, binding the play's eccentricities together with a powerful undercurrent of emotion.