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  • verb

Synonyms for bedazzle

to confuse with bright light

Synonyms for bedazzle

to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light


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Bottomline Media Pvt Ltd (Brand Consultant to PCJ), Tanz Bhatia MD / Founder shares her view, "PCJ Diva is the bedazzled woman who shines with qualities you would see in an ornate piece of jewellery, more so she has the style and fashion sense to team up with shoes bags , clothes, hairstyles.
Polizzi said she is hoping to use "a leopard bedazzled microphone" for her hosting duties.
Crvenkovski, on the other hand, is bedazzled by the myth of himself and his rhetoric is out of date.
Hailing from Vicksburg, Mississippi, Patrick Kelly was an African-American designer who upended Paris fashion by poking fun at the city's self-serious fashion heritage, sending over-the-top, bedazzled leopard print outfits on models with giant hair down the runways.
com prepare to party VIE at home's new Bedazzled collection is just what you need to create the perfect party face.
guide awarded Blumenthal's restaurant a rare 10 out of 10, describing it as producing "a procession of world-beating dishes for the bedazzled throngs".
TALENTED young Coventry dancers are aiming to sparkle as they take to the city stage tomorrow with new show Bedazzled.
Whoever had the foresight to commandeer the band of pirates who have bedazzled thousands of awe-struck onlookers in the new City Centre mall merits admiration
Web advertisers and web-entrepreneurs who've been dazzled or puzzled and bedazzled by what can be learned by studying statistics connected with websites will appreciate this clearly articulated presentation from two seasoned veterans.
My agency Bedazzled told me about the contest so I sent in my photo," says Michael.
Chances are they'll be too busy being bedazzled by Miyazaki's mind-bending visuals, which amplify the work of animation pioneer Winsor McKay and are every bit as trippy as any of Little Nemo's excursions into Slumberland.
Then 4,000 bewigged and bedazzled ticket holders will enter the richly decorated ballrooms, dance floors, and courtyards of the historic building for a wild waltz of well-intentioned decadence.
Perhaps as a result of this seemingly trivial oversight, these sections seem always on the brink of revealing so much more about Hagar's figuration between genres than Gabler-Hover is finally able to convey, so that while the reader is bedazzled by Gabler-Hover's discoveries, as in the introduction which "outs" famed illustrator John Audub on as black, we are also left groping for explicit connections back to Hagar.
By the third round, though, Hamed's succinct assaults had Sanchez bleary, bewildered, and as bedazzled as his gold-glitter trunks.
Spiders that spin their webs near lights at night to feast on bedazzled insects may be responding to more than the abundance of easy meals.