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  • verb

Synonyms for bedazzle

to confuse with bright light

Synonyms for bedazzle

to cause someone to lose clear vision, especially from intense light


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Biologists have argued over how much of the `shape of a bird's tail comes from aerodynamics and how much from males' need to bedazzle females.
There are 19 serving accessories called Bedazzle Sapphire.
1 CONVENTION BUSTER: With his Jesus hair alarmingly dyed red, white and black, C4's Justin Lee Collins waddled into a hotel full of American magicians and attempted to bedazzle them with his feeble "metamorphosis" illusion.
Fanshawe said yesterday: "Embraced had a slightly interrupted preparation on the firm ground but will love the ground here, and Bedazzle will also be at home on it.
Celebrating her fashion debut, Thalia, Mexico's sweetheart, will bedazzle Univision TV viewers with "La Gran Noche de Thalia" ("Thalia's Big Night") to be broadcast on Saturday, August 16, 7pm ET/PT.