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enuresis during sleep

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In this way, the child is being treated holistically, taking into consideration their physical, mental and emotional aspects which play a significant role when it comes to bed-wetting.
Ryan, a pupil at Nun-eaton's Middlemarch School in College Street, was taken to George Eliot as a day patient for a corrective procedure to cure his bed-wetting.
Bed-wetting more than three times a week might signify a physical problem ranging from unusually heavy sleep patterns to bladder irritation.
Bed-wetting is the most common childhood disorder and the third leading cause of child abuse.
The company also produces Cease-Enuresis Soft Gel, the only China State FDA-approved first-grade, plant-based prescription medicine that is specially formulated to help alleviate bed-wetting and incontinence.
With my brother it was his bed-wetting, and the fact he had the top bunk.
Research suggests bed-wetting can run in families and may be linked to a particular chromosome.
Enuresis is an often embarrassing and inconvenient condition commonly known as bed-wetting.
Combs talked about the bed-wetting to US magazine Rolling Stone.
SCIENCE The bed-wetting, ghetto superstar is one-dimensional and redundant.
Instead, it gave birth to the stick-swinging, cheap-shot-checking, bed-wetting, old-time-hockey Hanson Brothers.
CRAIG DAVID has revealed he's flattered to be portrayed as a bed-wetting ego-maniac with a kestrel for a best friend in Channel 4 spoof Bo' Selecta
First, check to see if there is a history of bed-wetting from either the father's or mother's side of the family.
The drugs are used to treat conditions such as mental ill health, depression and even bed-wetting.