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enuresis during sleep

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Bed-wetting can also be a symptom of other illnesses such as diabetes."
Aside from bed-wetting, other symptoms may include tantrums and screaming, thumb-sucking, feeling cold, regression to baby talk, refusal to sleep without a light on, nightmares and wanting to sleep with parents.
The Huggies range consists of: nappies for newborns, crawlers and walkers; nappy pants for walkers and toddlers; Pull-Ups, which are toilet training pants; the DryNites range of disposable pants for bed-wetting babies and children; and Little Swimmers, a range of nappies for the pool, beach and on holiday.
The most likely reason will be for persistent bed-wetting past the usual age of toilet training.
NEW YORK -- With an estimated 5 million to 7 million American children over the age of 4 suffering from bed-wetting, suppliers have found a niche market with disposable undergarments to protect these children while they sleep.
Organized into sections for young people and parents and others, topics include bipolar disorder, cognitive-behavioral therapy, stress, depression, drugs and alcohol, exercise and mental health, mental illness in a parent, psychosis, schizophrenia, resilience, weight and eating problems, anxiety, tantrums, bed-wetting, sleep problems, ADHD, learning disabilities, autism, divorce, death, bullying, domestic violence, child abuse, self-harm, chronic fatigue syndrome, and surviving adolescence.
AMID revelations about the Rolling Stones' finances in a new book is a bizarre tale of bed-wetting at the hunting lodge of Warwick Castle - involving Jagger and Marianne Faithfull.
Nine months ago, the child is said to have told his teachers in school that his parents had threatened to send him back to India if his 'bed-wetting' did not stop.
Animal cruelty, fire-setting, and persistent bed-wetting, also known as the Macdonald Triad or the homicidal triad, are often cited as tell-tale childhood behaviors engaged in by budding murderers.
It is claimed drinking one's urine was a remedy for bed-wetting. Swami Agnivesh too supported the alleged benefits of drinking one's own urine to cure many ailments.
This is a system in which study participants and their family members enter information related to nocturnal enuresis such as mealtimes, water intake, times and frequency of toilet use, and bed-wetting incidents.
The Kurdish Globe A form of Chinese electro-puncture looks promising in alleviating bed-wetting issues often seen in childhood.
New bride seeks divorce from bed-wetting hubby Love is compromise.
Bed-wetting persists in about 1 per cent of the adult population (that is, over 18s).