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a lightweight jacket worn over bedclothes (as when sitting in bed)

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We don't know what crazy cape-rs Edith is up to, but she seems to be wearing her gran's bed jacket and nightie.
The last time we saw a synthetic fur-trimmed bed jacket like that was on our great-granny
He spent the international break quietly, at his Travelodge, knitting wee bed jackets and berets for the local budgerigar rescue centre.
Garments made by the war work party in the 12 months to November, 1917, included: 709 pyjama suits, 100 pyjama trousers, 309 shorts, 396 bed jackets, four dressing gowns, 35 surgeons overalls, 285 fleecy mufflers, two vests, 121 surgical shoes, 40 ward slippers, 398 knitted mufflers, 198 pairs of socks, 67 operation stockings, six sweaters, 18 mitts, one body belt, 30 handkerchiefs, 18 face cloths and five hot water bottle covers.
One thing that Gina is particularly pleased about is the fact she has revived a forgotten fashion - for bed jackets - which she sells under her Pink Camellia label.
At our next meeting, on July 11, our speaker, Celia Bryce, will give a talk on bedpans, bed jackets and stories at our usual venue, Marden Residents' Hall.
The girls all had pink bed jackets and we were pushed in our beds to the grounds outside the hospital near the road and she sang some songs for us.
The company's main office/workroom is also a retail store that offers sleepwear bed jackets, and robes as well as styles for casual or office environments.
Delicate silk-embroidered bed jackets and frocks bring to life the intricacy and detail of the local handicrafts, juxtaposing more minimalist pieces with a hint of the Far East.
'Obviously, bed jackets are little worn nowadays, and travelling alone no longer presents such challenges to etiquette, but most of the advice can be tweaked to apply to modern situationsp LIVE Alone And Like It, by Marjorie Hillis, is published by Virago, priced pounds 10.