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MwanaMwinyiHija reported son Abdul Muhammad to Changamwe police station after he confessed to stealing and selling the bed cover shebought for Sh7,000.
"He left the bed cover with the shop for one week whilst they considered whether they would be able to clean it.
Simplicity and elegance were achieved with piecing of fabrics in bed covers and stitching, such as scalloped edging and hemstitch on sheets.
the purchase includes disposable diapers for adults and children, sanitary napkins, bed covers and multi-purpose hygiene pants.
The breadth of Truck Hero's product offering includes hard and soft truck bed covers, truck caps, bed liners, floor liners, and steps.
Truck Hero has focussed on providing consumers a full range of truck bed covers and other truck and Jeep accessories with functionality, engineering, quality and design.
WHERE: Aura Furnishing, 56, Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar III; MUST BUY: Sheer organza curtains, Bhagalpuri silk bed covers
Light once more emerges and disturbs the eyes, Around the curtains sun peers in and sighs, The room awakes as dust mites also stir, Dreams dissipating in the brisk morn air Darkness in relief now seeks a fleet escape, As thoughts emerge with early morning late, A newness born with past still slow to drift, Among yawning risers as all bed covers lift, Sun or rain and with it either cold or warmth, Beckoning the riser from night's sweet calm, Alive, the world your oyster ever there to face, Till darkness overpowers light, taking its place.
Cardiff Crown Court heard how she alleged the boy raped her after getting under her bed covers to keep warm.
BED linen experts at Dorma have uncovered the secret to glossy, shiny hair and healthy skin - it's all down to the contents of your bed covers.
It will be aired this autumn, and in it snooker legend Steve Davis reveals that when he was given his puppet as a present, he hid it under the bed covers to surprise his wife - and she claimed it was the best night of her l ife!
It is thought that the woman, who is believed to be in her 30s, was smoking in the bedroom when the bed covers and mattress caught fire.
Fans smiled because the waiter's words seemed utterly inappropriate for the sight of a footballer, lying on a bed covered in bank notes liberated from the hotel casino, sipping champagne and cuddling the reigning Miss World.
The Bioactive collection from Dyckhoff contains soft terry toweling bed covers, pillows and sheets made of 48% Trevira Bioactive and 52% cotton.
The Navajo weavings are not only suitable for floor use, but as bed covers, wall hangings or furniture throws.