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a check that everyone is in bed by the time they should be

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The stories and the beer kept coming, until suddenly we realized that it was already ten minutes past nine and we best get moving, if we were to make bed check. After a brisk walk and a short pee break in Victoria Park, we were back at the side door to the barracks and still had 20 minutes to spare.
I'll always remember the way Willie Griffin could tuck his pillow just so into his bunk to pass any bed check and then head out for a night on the town.
Toby Maguire stars as Peter Parker in a decidedly lighter and more romantic tale of a teenage nerd transformed into a mighty web-slinger who still has to get home in time for bed check.
With consumers starting to receive their tax rebates from the federal government, Atlanta-based Simmons has launched its Tax Refund Bed Check program to help dealers persuade consumers to invest in a Simmons product.
It's a roll call, a bed check or, more accurately, a bankroll check.
* At bed check, review the agenda for the next day with students.
Bed check on Friday was later, as was the wake-up call today, to keep players' body clocks from adjusting to the trip east.
The bedding specialist, to motivate its retailers, has launched a Tax Refund Bed Check program to help dealers persuade consumers to invest in a Simmons mattress.
'We have put in place the exit system which we will continue to enforce, and do occasional bed checks in the night to ensure that the students are on campus and where they are supposed to be,' he added.
BILLY MARTIN, the late Yankees skipper, on why as a manager he never made bed checks: "I was always the last guy to get back to the hotel after staying out all night."