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Antonyms for becomingness

the quality of being becoming

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Both are concerned with the actualities, becomingness, potentialities and 'eventness' of processes shaping entrepreneurial activity.
The paper concluded, "Besides its amazing becomingness and suitability, the costume suggested respectability and 'niceness.
A garden that appears on one screen turns out to be his father's, photographed midway in a growing season while in need of weeding, a state that is particularly resonant in relation to the forever becomingness of the scaffolding version of Sutter's Mill.
Her judgment on the becomingness of an action relates both to her faculty of practical reason and her aesthetic faculty of imagination at the very same time thus requiring these faculties to cooperate in the process of judging.
This would seem to imply a 'logic' of Differentiating Identity within what we might call the Included-Middle, since being is always becoming regarding the becomingness of being, such that what was becoming is always merging with what is becoming.