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Synonyms for becoming

Synonyms for becoming

suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place

pleasingly suited to the wearer

Synonyms for becoming

according with custom or propriety

displaying or setting off to best advantage

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A year later, what was known as the Court of Sessions ordered that the county of Los Angeles be divided into six townships, with the Valley becoming part of Los Angeles.
What value could there be in becoming one with the Jewish flesh of Christ if Jewish flesh has been forsaken?
Standard SCSI disk all across the enterprise is clogged with data that is essentially static and managing it is becoming a major problem everywhere.
Before that, he spent 12 years at Dean Witter Reynolds, becoming President and COO for the firm's Mutual Fund Management Division, Intercapital.
Even as John Dewey and some others performed the role of public philosophers, philosophy was becoming more and more remote from the concerns of the public -- in Wilson's words, "becoming as esoteric and as unfathomable to the educated public as nuclear physics or molecular biology.
stated, "I am very excited about the closing of the BMW-Heritage merger as it moves HFG closer towards our corporate goal of becoming a public company.
Lemaire is disappointed more women don't consider becoming officials.
He progressed through a variety of strategic planning and business management positions in the aromatics, olefins and polyethylene businesses before becoming vice president and general manager for petrochemicals in the Americas in 1998.
Prior to becoming COO in June 2000, he led Accenture's Resources operating group and, before that, the Financial Services operating group.
Until the ITO has its own house in order, it will be unable to support the business in exploiting the benefits of becoming adaptive," said META Group Senior Vice President and Director Karen Rubenstrunk.
The Acquiring Person (and affiliated and associated persons) will not be entitled to exercise or transfer the Rights under such circumstances (as its Rights become void upon becoming an Acquiring Person).
The rights will be exercisable and will trade separately from the common stock only in the event that a person or group of persons not approved by the Board of Directors (1) becomes an "Acquiring Person" as defined in the rights plan, or (2) commences a tender or exchange offer; the consummation of which would result in such person or group becoming an Acquiring Person.
Prior to becoming president of Allegheny Ludlum, he was senior vice president of manufacturing, engineering, information technology and production control.
I am delighted that our relationship with Microsoft continues to evolve and excited at our newly enhanced ability to utilize Microsoft's incredible resources in support of VerticalNet's vision of becoming more of a software product-based company," said Mike Hagan, President and CEO of VerticalNet.