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  • verb

Synonyms for becalm

to make or become calm

Synonyms for becalm

make steady


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Heading into the second half of 2006, NeuroGenesis will begin aggressively marketing BeCALM in order establish the product as a brand name and a safer alternative to treat ADHD.
Real Madrid will know only too well that just as United must subdue Cristiano Ronaldo, they have to becalm in form Van Persie, whose 23 goals this season single him out as their number one threat.
A LIVERPOOL boat builder is plotting a course to success -but revealed that a skills shortage could becalm expansion plans.
It carefully shields a national treasure on the one hand, and becalms siren voices from afar on the other, but some of that empathy must be diluted if evidence from one major review is seemingly overlooked in a second review a year later.
Five persons travelling in the car Fahim, Sarfraz, Becalms Siam and Ms Farzana confessed that they had snatched the car from Sahiwal, all of them were arrested.