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sleep before midnight

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My skin felt more moisturised but I still never woke up looking like I had eight hours beauty sleep as it promises.
You have probably heard people say that you need your beauty sleep.
Plus their anti-aging properties work on you while you're getting your beauty sleep.
Rich without being gunky, it leave skin feeling super smooth and soft and is a great addition to those of us in need of some beauty sleep.
Thanks go to Paul Baker for letting us interrupt his beauty sleep to open the club, and thanks also to his staff for their quick response.
They have to catch up on their beauty sleep and not miss their date with their gym the next day.
In "Sleeping Beauty," the fair princess and other members of her kingdom are in for 100 years of beauty sleep.
That way the TV speaker can be off so he, she or the dog can get beauty sleep while you catch Letterman's top 10.
Empty Lungs, Beauty Sleep, Anna's Anchor, Hot Cops and more.
Sarah Smith, Hants 7 out of 10 Sanctuary Reverse Beauty Sleep Face Mask, from PS2.
Suddenly Edwina, 68, woke up from her beauty sleep (she needs a lot of that) to effectively start an argument by telling Kendra that going into the jungle and leaving her kids at home was the wrong decision.
Being a fashion slave doesn't really sound like your bag - you're far too fond of your beauty sleep for the crack of dawn make-up call.
MAXIMISE BEAUTY SLEEP RESEARCH published in the British Medical Journal actually shows that those who get enough sleep (around eight hours a night) are believed to be more attractive.