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Synonyms for beau

Synonyms for beau

a man who is the favored companion of a woman

a man who courts a woman

Synonyms for beau

a man who is the lover of a girl or young woman

a man who is much concerned with his dress and appearance

References in classic literature ?
To do him justice, he did every thing in his power to promote their unreserve, by making the Miss Steeles acquainted with whatever he knew or supposed of his cousins' situations in the most delicate particulars,--and Elinor had not seen them more than twice, before the eldest of them wished her joy on her sister's having been so lucky as to make a conquest of a very smart beau since she came to Barton.
Back in town they all thought he was dead and his girl felt bad for a little while and then got over it and took up with another beau.
This was like removing to a fashionable square, or living in a beau quartier of a capital.
I hoped you would have taken him for your beau, and left dear Harry to me.
Maggie perceived that here was the beau ideal of a man.
Much better, and in extremely good quarters," said George; but, turning quickly to Miss Osgood, he added, "So, Miss Maria, your beau has condescended to walk with you at last?