beau monde

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the fashionable elite

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The first two chapters focus on how the beau monde branded themselves through their homes and style of dress, the locations they inhabited in Georgian London, and the importance placed on their exhibition in spaces such as the opera and Vauxhall Gardens.
Walters has been styling hair at Salon Du Beau Monde for eight years, drawing inspiration from the ever-changing trends and whims of contemporary hair styling.
Indeed the titles of La Belle Assemblee and its short-lived companion magazine aimed more at gentlemen, Le Beau Monde, refer to the "assembly," or group of people, or the beau monde whose fashions are documented in their pages.
The Emerald Green Group principals, Jim Caiola and David Salama, have operated Beau Monde and L'Etage in Philadelphia, a popular and well-reviewed restaurant & bar, for over a decade.
For the high rollers Monte Carlo is the perfect destination where the 5 star Farimont Monte Carlo welcomes the glitterati and minor royals of the beau monde.
Today, it is something to look at," she told 300 guests, including many from the beau monde of Paris such as former first lady Bernadette Chirac, ex-minister Bernard Kouchner and U.
The professionally managed estate is offered by Beau Monde Villas (www.
Just as Martin speaks of "conversations" rather than "imitation," so Hannah Greig portrays the beau monde of eighteenth-century London as including the nobility, the parallel bourgeois elite, and professionals working with them all.
With its restaurants, fitness complex and teahouse eI| plus a courtyard styled like a traditional Persian garden eI| it`s no wonder the city`s beau monde flocks here after dark.
A dress by Nicole Miller from MetroMix, a handbag by Beau Monde, jewelry by Nikki Sedacca and shoes from Nine West.
Hounded out of America by puritans and racists in the 1920s, former Ziegfeld Follies performer Josephine Baker became the darling of the beau monde when she set up home in Paris.
Stir in curry powder, Beau Monde seasoning, cumin and thyme.
Within days Lifar was bundled off to Turin to study with Enrico Cecchetti, whisked to museums, introduced to the beau monde.