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Synonyms for beau ideal

one that is worthy of imitation or duplication

Synonyms for beau ideal

an ideal instance

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While democracy is said to rest on universal principles, thus far President Bush's beau ideal has involved force-feeding freedom to recalcitrant Muslims.
Neville Chamberlain's name has become code for a weak-kneed, caviling politician, just as Winston Churchill has become the beau ideal of indomitable leadership.
She intends to use the knowledge she gained to launch a mobile pampering business called Beau Ideal early next year.
The ornamental steps and balustrading near the river gives the place an Italian appearance and when the visitor shall have finished his visit, he will no doubt come to the conclusion, that the grounds, when they shall have bee// perfected, will be the beau ideal of one of the many palatial estates that dot the shores of the Italian lakes.
Oprah manned the point, first with her willingness to openly confront her weight issues and challenge women to take charge of their lives, and then by introducing the world to her baldheaded former jury consultant beau ideal.
His achievements lay not in his science per se but rather in his creation of the beau ideal of the entomologist.
Haydon, and representatives of the Royal Academy of Art and the Dilettanti Society, the Elgin Marbles debates became a focal point for the challenging and defending of a neoclassical beau ideal publicly associated with the cultural legitimacy of a Tory elite.
2) Indeed, Richard Wright came into literary prominence as the beau ideal of the proletarian revolutionary artist.
Psyche, in turn, appears thoroughly unreal, a white-bleached female incarnation of the beau ideal.
It appeals to the white left as a beau ideal for all under-developed societies, and to ghetto leaders who don't like hearing that they are presiding over a "tangle of pathology.
The long-established beau ideal of jumps racing, Dessie was at the height of his powers in 1989-90, taking his RPR to 189 when winning the Racing Post Chase.
Weber doesn't just hold up a mirror to the narcissistic gym culture he and his pumped-up beau ideal helped create.
Twice Sam Thomas's whip fell on Denman and that great head went down even lower as he struggled for mastery, the very beau ideal of the staying chaser in full cry.
In Sea The Stars, we recognise a thoroughbred who is close, if not the perfect fit, for the beau ideal of Triple Crown racing: he is brilliant, he is versatile and he is easy to ordain as a potential champion of champions.
He has developed into the beau ideal of a big, powerful three-year-old; he is doing two healthy canters up Warren Hill of a morning and we think he is a wee bit better than his rating of 87.