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Synonyms for beau geste

an act requiring special generosity

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a gracious (but usually meaningless) gesture

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Looking at his record, Duff Gordon embodied the ideal of the clean-living hero, the beau geste of the upper classes.
EVER since the 1920s the popular legend of the French Foreign Legion has been formed by P C Wren''s novel Beau Geste - a world of remote forts, warrior tribes and desperate men of all nationalities enlisted under pseudonyms to fight and die under the desert sun in North Africa.
The gentleman of few words was filming Beau Geste in 1939 in the desert and sandstorms had made the roads impossible.
Marty Feldman's 1977 classic The Last Remake of Beau Geste is a Mel Brooks-style comedy featuring short scenes mixed with sight gags and sophomoric humor, held loosely together by a classic fish-out-of-water story.
As with any such compilation, this encyclopedia contains many "adventure novels" that are generally agreed to be classics: Treasure Island, The Count of Monte Cristo and Beau Geste, for instance.
The Beau Geste Press, an independent publishing company emphasizing handmade art and founded in 1970 by Ehrenberg, his wife, artist and architect Martha Hellion, and art historian David Mayor, became one channel for Ehrenberg's participation in Fluxus, designing and printing graphic material, books, and mail art.
Un beau geste du Roi hachE[umlaut]mite qui rend hommage non seulement Ea l'homme modeste qu'est ce bouquiniste mais Ea tous les lecteurs et lectrices qui ont su accorder au livre sa juste valeur.
Which British soldier and French legionnaire wrote the novel Beau Geste in 1924?
AFTER READING JUST THE FIRST PAGE of Carta blanca we know that, in spite of some very general similarities regarding foreign legionnaires, this is not going to be another Beau Geste (1924).
The Beau Geste theory envisioned that multiple songs would make a male's territory appear to be held by a forbiddingly large population.
Haselor's Katherine Balkwill, who works as a doctor in Stratfordupon Avon, was fifth individually on Manorfields Beau Geste.
Saliently, but less directly, Denis's title recalls Beau Geste (notably filmed in 1939 and 1966) and thus a whole romance of the desert and the Legion.
But he needed all the mental and psychical toughness of the ring to get him through a sudden career change when he joined the Beau Geste boys.
Well, maybe "to die for" is a bit extreme; after all, we're not in a French Foreign Legion Beau Geste mode here.