beats per minute

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the pace of music measured by the number of beats occurring in 60 seconds

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The heart beats rapidly, anywhere from 100 to 250 beats per minute.
The heart rate before rollerblading is 84 beats per minute.
This brought her heart rate to 70 beats per minute but there were complica-tions due to fluid around her heart and she had to undergo surgery.
The heart can actually beat 180 beats per minute or higher
Fewer than 40 beats per minute will lower blood pressure (to the extent that you may fall asleep, warns the RAC).
The target heart rate should be about 130 beats per minute for a 50-year-old, 120 for a 60-year-old, and 115 for a 70-year-old," says McGuire.
In 639 patients, the recovery rate was 12 beats per minute or less--the criterion used by the researchers for abnormally low recovery.
This diagnosis is confirmed by independent sinus P waves occurring regularly at a rate of 92 beats per minute and fusion beats.
We found that for white males, heart rates went up almost 10 beats per minute when a black man entered the room," Vrana explains.
for the work intervals of high school athletes is usually between 180 and 190 beats per minute, and between the mid-170s and mid-180s for the college athlete.
According to the chart below, your pulse rate would be about 90 beats per minute.
The average rate during intercourse was 117 beats per minute with the maximum being 144 beats per minute.
Music Playlist: A downloadable playlist of 100-beat-per-minute songs (100 beats per minute is the correct rate for chest compressions during CPR).
A healthy adult heart beats at a rate of 60-80 beats per minute at rest and at up to 200 beats per minute during strenuous exercise.
So the older person who's doing 120 beats per minute is probably working harder - at a higher percentage of maximum heart rate - than the younger person who is at 150 beats per minute.