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Stanley Rother, a North American priest from Oklahoma who in 1981 was martyred while serving the people of a Guatemalan village and was beatified Sept.
In 2007, Pope Benedict XVI beatified hundreds of Spanish martyrs in the biggest beatification in history.
Romero, whose defense of the poor made him an icon for many Roman Catholics in Latin America, was beatified as a martyr for the faith.
Thohoyandou, South Africa -- South African school teacher Benedict Daswa, who was bludgeoned to death for resisting witchcraft, was beatified on Sunday, becoming the first person from the southern African region to undergo the key step toward sainthood.
Summary: Pope Francis praised Sunday a Syriac Catholic bishop who has been beatified in Lebanon, a century after he his beheading by Ottoman forces during a wave of religiously motivated killings in Syria.
The step means Romero can be beatified without a miracle being attributed to him.
Those who are beatified must go through a local church investigation of the person's life and writings to show their ''heroic'' virtues.
He was beatified in May 2011 after the healing of a French nun from Parkinson's disease was attributed to him.
Kateri, known as the Lily of the Mohawks, was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1980 and it has taken 32 years to reach official sainthood.
These emotional words were spoken recently by the nephew of one of the 22 newly beatified martyrs in Madrid, Spain.
Alan Garcia, the outgoing president of Peru, claiming that the fact that Osama bin Laden was found and killed on the same day that Pope John Paul II was beatified was no coincidence.
Pope John Paul II was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday
POPE Benedict XVI beatified Pope John Paul II before a million people who jammed into St Peter's Square and surrounding streets, moving the beloved former pontiff one step closer to possible sainthood.
AS POPE JOHN PAUL II IS BEATIFIED MAY 1 BEFORE hundreds of thousands in St.
The pontiff, who died in 2005, will be beatified on 1 May and the page on the social-networking site will link to video highlights of his 27-year papacy, The Independent reports.