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Synonyms for beatific

Synonyms for beatific

experiencing or bestowing celestial joy

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marked by utter benignity

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This is because All Souls' Day is largely about helping the holy souls in purgatory attain the Beatific Vision of heaven.
In Dog Language, sex, drugs, and their pleasures and despairs are matter-of-factly present, producing neither guilt nor beatific ecstasy.
I'll just sit watching the tennis with a beatific smile, responding politely when excitable middle-class ladies, who've had one too many Pimm, start calling for a song.
Portman fights valiantly with her accent as Anne repeatedly knifes her in the back and Johansson revisits her beatific, much abused heroine from Girl With A Pearl Earring.
In the opening episode, Kate Winslet is playing a beatific nun in a Holocaust film the pair are working on when she overhears Maggie saying her new boyfriend likes phone sex.
Only now they say sanctimoniously, "Kerouac, a 20th Century genius, blah, blah, beatific, piss, snort, dog pooh, spontaneous puke.
To that point, Costa exemplifies the conflicting Catholic and Protestant views about the fate of souls after death: whether there is an immediate judgement, whether they sleep until the Universal Judgement, and whether some are privileged with a beatific vision before then.
And now that Ecstasy is the name of one of the most popular recreational drugs on the planet, a phenethylamine capable of delivering its own beatific intensities, we can see how far we have come.
In common with many of his generation of Americans, he was drawn to the possibilities of an alternative lifestyle by the Beat generation of writers with Jack Kerouac as its beatific leader, followed by Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso and assorted poets.
He films ruined cities, anguished faces, beatific Buddhas, sinister skies, lambent rivers at dawn and at twilight, grinning children, passing trains at night, airplanes cutting through the cloudy firmament, birds leaving the bare, blasted branches of trees and flapping off into the sky in slow motion--all of these far too well--trod cinematic moments--superbly, movingly, somehow endlessly evading the cliches in which his script so fulsomely trades.
A columned monument on the quay and a Claude-like temple under the cliff add to the picture's beatific stillness.
Still, in Ulitskaya's beatific vision, while love and time take their toll, Medea's spirit knows and accepts all, much like Mother Nature herself.
Suddenly, there is only one figure, a simpleton in bow and pinafore with an idiot's beatific grin and with Rene's face and form.
Taking only segments of Dante's use of this image (for a full treatment of Dante's use of light alone "could lead us into complexities as rich as life itself"), Tate works out various reflective images--Beatrice's eyes, her mouth, candles in a mirror--as they take Dante up to the three circles that lead to the Beatific Vision.
Roland (changed to an American from the novel's working-class Brit) enlists the aid of starchy English academic Maud Bailey (Gwyneth Paltrow, her hair locked in a chastity-belt bun) when he uncovers a love letter from Randolph to Bailey's great-great-aunt, the feminist poet Christabel LaMotte (the terminally beatific Jennifer Ehle).