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Synonyms for beatable

susceptible to being defeated

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Burnley, Watford beatable, statistics United will to nothing other Perhaps Man City became a little complacent once they scored a second but, as the home side poured bodies forward, Clark spotted a gap in their defence and played an inch-perfect pass to release Murphy through the middle.
She said that everyone was beatable at some point and she knew that she was, adding that everyone is a threat and she does not feel she is above anyone but it is just that she is playing and doing the best she can.
Stating that OCD is beatable and offers many ideas for conquering one's own battles with it, "The Boy Who Finally Stopped Washing" is an intriguing look into OCD and will give much hope to sufferers who want to overcome it.
Rory Sabbatini has another chance to see if Tiger Woods really is "as beatable as ever.
JIM CRAIG: The Democratic congressional candidate's campaign releases an engineered pot that shows Jeb Bradley is beatable, but the poll's methodology ends up being the story, not its results.
England will face their biggest test since being crowned world champions next Saturday - but captain Martin Corry insists the All Blacks are beatable.
Hussein also claims he is the "most beatable opponent" he could face going into Saturday night's Braehead Arena crunch and has promised to go all out against the home hero.
If he loses the initiative battle, they will see him as a beatable governor going into next year's reelection campaign.
He said: 'City are beatable but they have good players so we will need to give that little bit extra.
Rawlinson, the Commonwealth gold medallist, retained his AAA title a week ago and is determined to show that reigning champion Felix Sanchez is beatable at the World Championships in Paris in under three weeks.
Colon cancer, if detected early, is one of the most preventable, treatable, and beatable cancers, but people need to take action.
But like any team in the Lowland League they are beatable.
But everyone's beatable and it's about who turns up on the day.
The Italian striker said: "Southampton have shown they can be unbelievable at times this season but they can also be beatable.
An impressive goal against Newcastle apart, Sterling has been out of sorts recently and with him not firing Liverpool look decidedly beatable, as does Sterling.