beat back

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cause to move back by force or influence

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45: The police beat back the first assault on the Government House.
Hundreds of firefighters were joined by six helicopters and six fixedwing aircraft trying to beat back the flames.
CSAW successfully beat back an attempt to weaken Alaska's cruise pollution law in the recently completed legislative session.
this was drummer Billy Walker preparing to hit the beat back in the classic days of "stadium rock".
YOUNGSTERS have been being urged to turn off their computers and take up traditional games like skipping to beat back pain.
Fire crews spent two hours trying to beat back flames at Wychwood Crescent, Sheldon, on Wednesday.
Last year's winner was In The Woods (10-1), trained by Peter Payne, who beat Back By Daylight half a length in 36.
The film, about a haunted house that eats people, was a solid hit last fall but beat back such better-known films as ``Over the Hedge'' and ``Ice Age: The Meltdown'' for an Oscar nod.
The new shoe leather will be useful for a march up to Capitol Hill and state houses to beat back various threats coming this fall.
Says Mason, pointing out that all but the constitutional amendment were defeated: "We have been able to beat back some of the worst attacks.
But bad weather beat back Lochaber mountain rescue team and an RAF helicopter.
Countries with a functioning Net beat back a bid by the U.
In an effort to beat back starvation, the Guatemalan Government is to distribute 985 tons of donated emergency rations to 77,000 people in 10 poverty-stricken towns, reports The New Zealand Herald (Feb.