beat back

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  • verb

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cause to move back by force or influence

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Syrian government forces beat back terrorists from their positions in Salahuldeen district and captured Khalid Bin Walid Mosque and Cable Warehouses, following hours of fierce clashes.
WASHINGTON SENATE PRESIDENT PRO TEM TIM SHELDON (D) BEAT BACK A CHALLENGE from the right in the August primary to win the No.
The rapper, whose real name is Jason Evans, is releasing his latest record Snacks & Deception on his own Beat Back Records label on May 26.
& we three fall upon the struts & joists, we beat back &
Several thousand protesters arrived at Government House and tried to enter the Government House, reported the correspondent of AKIpress.Information on 13.45: The police beat back the first assault on the Government House.The protesters tried to break gates of Government House with a lorry, but the police in response began to shoot rubber bullets.
He was well beaten in a Grade 2 at Kempton last time out when pulled up, but that was flying too high and he should be difficult to beat back down in grade.
CSAW successfully beat back an attempt to weaken Alaska's cruise pollution law in the recently completed legislative session.
this was drummer Billy Walker preparing to hit the beat back in the classic days of "stadium rock".
YOUNGSTERS have been being urged to turn off their computers and take up traditional games like skipping to beat back pain.
Fire crews spent two hours trying to beat back flames at Wychwood Crescent, Sheldon, on Wednesday.
Prominent bloggers have helped beat back this initial batch of bills, but the onslaught is probably just beginning.
Implantable defibrillators, which shock the heart from an abnormally fast beat back to a normal rhythm, may be half as effective in women than in men.