beat around the bush

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Synonyms for beat around the bush

be deliberately ambiguous or unclear in order to mislead or withhold information

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Let's not beat around the bush - we are in a relegation dogfight and it won't be easy.
Let's not beat around the bush here - Ireland is currently seen internationally as a broken country with a hapless government at its helm.
They go into details and beat around the bush without really answering any question," he said.
I won't beat around the bush - frankly, I wouldn't, it's not well enough paid, apart from anything else - and some of Armytage's material visits too many hunt balls and countryside marches (although it never plumbs the 'bagging-a-mole' depths of The Field & co).
Acting Swansea skipper Andy Gurney refused to beat around the bush after this latest disappointment and insisted only wins will do from now on.
He said: "I have only got this season and next season at Old Trafford and I wouldn't beat around the bush if I think the time is right to leave United or football.
Now here it is, time to write out my considered thoughts on these two recordings for Issue 73, and this time I am going to beat around the bush -- at least a little.
They're still trying to beat around the bush, although all signs and developments appear leading to an inexorable dream rematch between the two most colorful and exciting boxers in the world.
Newman said: "Look, let's not beat around the bush - Carlow were bottom of Division Four.
I'm not going to pull the wool over anyone's eyes, certainly if I caught any of my players trying to cheat - and that's what it is, let's not beat around the bush - I would punish them.
Let's not beat around the bush, it is a huge challenge but one the guys should be looking forward to," said Giles.
Jason Koumas didn't beat around the bush when asked about the visit of West Bromwich Albion tomorrow, declaring: 'I'm desperate to play,' writes Gavin Allen.
HOOPS keeper David Marshall doesn't beat around the bush - Celtic must win in Donetsk.