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It seemed incredible that a human being could best the king of beasts in personal encounter and yet before her very eyes there was taking place just such an improbability.
Do you then reckon that Ishmael Bush travels with a beast caged in that wagon?
I should, therefore, have tarried some hundreds of miles more to the eastward, were it not for the inward propensity that I feel to have the beast in question inspected and suitably described and classed.
It would be impossible for me to describe these Beast People in detail; my eye has had no training in details, and unhappily I cannot sketch.
The men aboard-ship, he told me, seemed at first just as strange to him as the Beast Men seemed to me,--unnaturally long in the leg, flat in the face, prominent in the forehead, suspicious, dangerous, and cold-hearted.
It was not that he was more cruel or more savage than they that they hated him, for though he was both cruel and savage as were the beasts, his fellows, yet too was he often tender, which they never were.
With sticks and knives the man's companions fell upon the beast, while Paulvitch danced around the cursing snarling pack mumbling and screaming pleas and threats.
He owned a voice as soothing as the wash of the sea, and stores of experiences as vast as the sea itself; for his business in life was to wander up and down the world, collecting orchids and wild beasts and ethnological specimens for German and American dealers.
The infuriated beast, pulled up and backwards until he stood upon his hind legs, struggled impotently in this unnatural position.
I was abreast him in a moment and, passing him, walked straight toward the two beasts.
With a low snarl the beast now hurled himself at Tarzan, but the ape-man had found, among other things in the haunts of civilized man, certain methods of scientific warfare that are unknown to the jungle folk.
Instantly eight or ten of the other beasts leaped to their feet.
Suddenly the lioness gave vent to another little whine, at which Tarzan's lion voiced a terrific roar and leaped forward straight toward the beast of the black mane.
Perhaps there are wild beasts in the forest now," said Dorothy.
After a long battle they managed to overcome the wild beasts, but the greater number of the men were killed.