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the pelt of a bear (sometimes used as a rug)

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tall hat


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The writer mentioned that the Grenadier Guards can be recognised by their scarlet tunics and bearskin hats.
Waiting on Henry VIII's former jousting yard was the guard of honour formed by the 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards, in their scarlet tunics and bearskins. The trip follows a pattern dubbed "Brexit diplomacy" - where either members of the British royal family visit EU countries or their heads of state travel to the UK, in an apparent bid to strengthen national friendships.
Guardsman Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar made history by appearing on guard in "Buck House" wearing a turban instead of the tradition bearskin with his dress uniform.
A Sikh soldier has became the first guardsman to parade outside Buckingham Palace wearing a turban instead of the famous bearskin.
2 ( ANI ): The British Army is embroiled in a damaging row after a Sikh soldier was allowed to wear a turban rather than a bearskin on ceremonial duties suffered abuse from his colleagues.
Kate asked anxiously after three guardsmen who fainted under the weight of their ceremonial bearskins and scarlet tunics.
The soldiers marched on to the parade square at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, Hampshire, in full ceremonial uniform of scarlet tunics and bearskins, accompanied by the regimental mascot Conmeal, an Irish Wolfhound.
Dressed in desert combats and bearskins, some 650 soldiers from the 1st Battalion, the Coldstream Guards, marched in London amid crowds of well-wishers yesterday.
To be standing with bearskins and tunics in Red Square - it makes it all the more magnificent.
SIR - I note that Michael Sheen has asked the Prime Minister to place a ban on bearskins imported from Canada and worn by members of the Guards regiments.
Collectors believe the price of the world-famous bearskins could soar even further if plans to ban them on the grounds of cruelty are approved by the Government.
"I also wrote to the Queen before the Prince's Trust concert, asking why bearskins couldn't be made out of synthetic material.
FASHION designer Vivienne Westwood has been asked to create a fake alternative to the bearskins worn by guards Buckingham Palace.
Recently, Vogel has collaged UP-suggestive objects, including a fishing pole, bearskins, antlers, and a wolf trap into her work, and her paintings include images of a camping trailer and lounge chairs.
Now we not only have 5ft 2in Irish Guardsmen in bearskins, but bantam male coppers too, in helmets.