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Synonyms for bearskin

the pelt of a bear (sometimes used as a rug)

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tall hat


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I would just like to point out that all five Guards regiments wear bearskins as well as, for example, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, the Honourable Artillery Company and officers of the Fusilier regiments.
Wasaya Airways has announced it has partnered with Canada-based Bearskin Airlines to operate daily, non-stop flights from Sioux Lookout to Winnipeg, the company said.
Rodyniuk had been vice-president and COO of the aviation arm of EIC, the Winnipeg parent company that purchased Bearskin Airlines in 2010.
He soldiered in the First Battalion of the Regiment from 1964 until the mid-Seventies and saw active service in Aden and Northern Ireland as well as looking very smart in his red tunic and shiny black bearskin while carrying out public duties in London!
The royal toddler was seen wearing a blue sweater decorated with soldiers of a Guards regiment in bearskin hats and red tunics in official holiday pictures released last weekend.
I always imagined Uncle Albert guarding the Queen in his red uniform and giant bearskin. When he left the guards my uncle became live-in caretaker at a big London bank.
AYR: 2.10 Sir Chauvelin, 2.40 Classic Flyer, 3.10 Jumbo Steps, 3.40 Bearskin, 4.10 Fredricka, 4.40 Ronald Gee, 5.10 Farlow, 5.40 Royal Duchess.
AYR 2.10 Sir Chauvelin 2.40 Classic Flyer 3.10 Jumbo Steps 3.40 Bearskin 4.10 Fredricka 4.40 Ronald Gee 5.10 Farlow 5.40 Royal Duchess EXETER 2.20 Shadarpour 2.50 Alderley Heights 3.20 Green Bank 3.50 Many Stars 4.20 Like A Diamond 4.50 Prettyasapicture WOLVERHAMPTON 5.20 Silvery Blue 5.50 Pollination 6.20 Missandei 6.50 Mister Bob 7.20 Solar Deity 7.50 Perspicace 8.20 Bon Port WORCESTER 2.00 Pure Poteen 2.30 Sportsreport 3.00 A Good Skin 3.30 Debt To Society 4.00 El Macca 4.30 Gaelic Myth 5.00 Ballycoe
Stories follow his exploits as he just barely ekes out a living while pursuing his triple passions of food, drink, and women; searches for an alleged Native activist who stole his bearskin; adopts two Native children and flees the authorities before returning across the Canadian border in the cover of a rock band tour bus, and more.
LAMIN DEEN swaps his bearskin hat for a bobsleigh helmet next month - more than four years after guarding the gates of Buckingham Palace!
Two people survived the Bearskin Airlines crash Sunday night, said Ontario police Sgt.
William looked hot under the collar in his Guards uniform and bearskin hat - and at one stage pulled a cheeky face.
As an honorary colonel, William took part in the parade of the 200 guardsmen dressed in full ceremonial scarlet tunic and bearskin, at the Mons Barracks in Aldershot.