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Synonyms for bearskin

the pelt of a bear (sometimes used as a rug)

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tall hat


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Jazz continues to be a leader in recruiting programs and we are pleased to enhance our relationships with Bearskin Airlines and Wasaya Airways," said Steve Linthwaite, Vice President, Flight Operations, Jazz.
I couldn't understand why he didn't throw his arms around me in a familiar bearskin hug.
Friesen hauled firewood and stocked shelves at the store, occasionally earning the chance to hit the skies for what was the original Bearskin Airlines.
Deen, who went on to serve in Bosnia, Northern Ireland and Kosovo, is part of the Grenadier Guards regiment - the soldiers who wear the famous red tunics and long bearskin hats while on duty.
William looked hot under the collar in his Guards uniform and bearskin hat - and at one stage pulled a cheeky face.
As an honorary colonel, William took part in the parade of the 200 guardsmen dressed in full ceremonial scarlet tunic and bearskin, at the Mons Barracks in Aldershot.
And, if trying to determine whether or where women prefer men with less body hair, researchers will also have to contend with an entire era known as the 1970s and '80s, when chest hair was a sign of virility (Burr Reynolds on a bearskin rug, anyone?
Guardsman Jatinderpal Singh Bhullar made history by appearing on guard in "Buck House" wearing a turban instead of the tradition bearskin with his dress uniform.
A Sikh soldier has became the first guardsman to parade outside Buckingham Palace wearing a turban instead of the famous bearskin.
2 ( ANI ): The British Army is embroiled in a damaging row after a Sikh soldier was allowed to wear a turban rather than a bearskin on ceremonial duties suffered abuse from his colleagues.
The shattered squaddies were wearing full dress uniform complete with scarlet tunic and famous bearskin hat when they keeled over.
The children explore the new city (where they hunt pigeons and go crazy seeing the bearskin hats the palace guards wear) as Penelope attempts to continue their education.
Our kids have asked for another videoconference with the kids from Bearskin Lake First Nation and they're asking a lot of questions about what they should bring - like 'can I bring my cell phone?
WELSH soldiers in bearskin hats and red tunics marched through Moscow's Red Square this week in preparation for a historic anniversary parade.
I could imagine drinking this on a bearskin rug with Sarah Palin," said Gregg.