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a sauce like hollandaise but made with white wine and tarragon and shallots instead of lemon juice

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Sirloin Steaks with Bearnaise Sauce Don't be scared of cooking steak - it's easy, simple and loved by all meat eaters.
Thinly slice the fillet and stack onto the gravy-covered slice of sourdough then spoon on the bearnaise.
Fish lovers might fancy an 8oz grilled fillet of organic salmon with bearnaise sauce, grilled vine tomatoes and French fries (PS15.
The steak is served up in several slices with thin, crunchy fries and I pour on a delicious bearnaise sauce adding some pepper sauce later on.
THE FOOD The restaurant has a predominately French menu featuring dishes such as steak with bearnaise sauce and confit of duck.
President William Howard Taft dined on filet of mutton with Bearnaise sauce at the King Edward Hotel in Jackson.
The full line of finished sauces being introduced in the USA includes USA includes Hollandaise, Bearnaise, Roquefort, Dijon Mustard Wine Sauce, Mushroom, Lemon Dill, and Red Wine Shallot - http://www.
Noodles * Meatballs * Meatloaf * Hamburger patties * Corn cakes * Latkes * Gnocchi * Pate * Pasta filling * Caesar dressing * Mayonnaise * Hollandaise sauce * Bearnaise sauce * Crepes * Pancakes * French toast * Pecan pie
Q What is the difference between hollandaise and bearnaise sauce?
wood grilled black bream, choucroute, heirloom carrot, artichoke, and red wine bearnaise.
Serve the bearnaise sauce in a little copper saucepan or a ramekin.
Earlier this year, the regime banned programs showing how to cook western dishes in what appeared to be an extension of the established campaign against the Western cultural invasion that has now made bearnaise sauce a threat to Iranian society.
More soup of the day than mini filet mignon with sundried tomato and bearnaise on crostini, writes Rod Studd.
Springtime With the Rabbit Bistro," with chef Gabriel Gil, features Watermelon Gazpacho With Dungeness Crab; Celery Soup With Pork Jowls, Mushrooms and Blue Cheese; Beef Fillet With Duck Fat Potatoes, Swiss Chard, Bearnaise and Horseradish Consomm; and Strawberry Summer Truffle Soup With Goat Cheese Custard and Basil.
Considering the menu was so short, we dilly-dallied, mainly because we wanted to ensure a fortuitous alignment of steak, lobster and sauces u I wanted bearnaise and steak, my date wanted surf-and-turf but also red onion jus, which just didn't seem to correspond.