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expecting prices to fall

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That leaves China, the uptick in US rigs and increased bearishness among hedge funds and commodity banks as new information to explain the sudden plunge in prices.
Falling prices and rising open interest: If prices fall and open interest rises ( more than its average), it shows bearishness.
Falling prices and falling open interest: If price falls along with the above-average fall in open interest, it shows a very short-term bearishness.
In the short term, bearishness could drive LME aluminum prices down another $200 per ton, he predicted, but in the long-term, rampant pessimism and short-selling could be met with a "whipsaw" effect if some positive economic news shows that the market over-reacted to bad news.
With a mood of extreme bearishness shrouding the market, most dealers said it was difficult to project when a technical rebound would happen.
The bearishness on the stock market was further magnified by a comment by U.
Some market observers saw in Wednesday's trading activity a clear rejection of that bearishness, which appeared to be gaining speed after four straight declines.
NASDAQ: BEBE) has been the target of increasing bearishness by analysts.
Inheriting bearishness from overnight trading in New York, the dollar fell to the lower 95 yen level in Tokyo morning deals as market participants became less confident in the U.
Foreign-brand small cars sold well in Japan last year, but this was more than offset by slow sales of others stemming from bearishness in the wake of the Sept.
NYSE: MWA) has been the target of increasing bearishness by analysts.
This serves as an indicator of market participants' bearishness about the U.
com shows record bearishness with insiders proclaiming the market overbought.
Seasonal volume for the entire industry has not received the holiday boost that many analysts were expecting and this is leading to the bearishness.
Dollar bearishness was further stoked by growing skepticism about the view that the Federal Reserve may move to hike U.