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the largest Eurasian bird of prey

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The projects main objectives are to: Strengthen the population of bearded vultures by creating core populations in the Drme and the Massif Central; and Facilitate bird movements between the Alps and the Pyrenees and thus enhance exchanges and genetic diversity of bearded vulture populations.
2007: Factors influencing breeding density of Bearded Vultures, Egyptian Vultures and Eurasian Griffon Vultures in Catalonia (NE Spain): management implications.
However, the vulture restaurants' attempts to conserve the endangered population of bearded vultures (Gypaetus barbatus) in the Pyrenees have had undesirable responses: while the number of breeding pairs increased, the breeding success dropped dramatically.
The series also looks at the extraordinary array of wildlife which lives around the river, from the Asiatic brown bears, snow leopards and bearded vultures which have made their home in the mountains, to the wild elephants that live in the foothills, to the mahseer, the largest freshwater fish in the world, that swim in its waters.
The programme reveals its enormous influence on day-to-day living, how it has shaped Indian culture and religion, and why it attracts a vast array of wildlife including snow leopards, Asiatic brown bears and huge bearded vultures.
A recent census carried out by a consortium of conservation groups revealed that during the 1990s, poisoning alone accounted for the deaths of 390 griffon, 238 black, and eight lamerguier or bearded vultures.