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Synonyms for bearded

Synonyms for bearded

having hair on the cheeks and chin

having a growth of hairlike awns

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The Real Bearded Men range has undergone intensive research and is tested on their own beards before release ensuring that quality remains second to none, with completely natural, richly blended, masterly crafted products produced with care and attention to detail.
This superb picture of a male bearded tit was taken by John Money.
The colonel contested a decision by former Minister of Interior Mohamed Ibrahim to dismiss bearded officers from their position in the police apparatus.
A bearded George Clooney has been one of many stars to sport facial hair IAN WEST
Lord Salisbury is also the most recent PM to have a beard, meaning there has not been a bearded resident of 10 Downing Street for 113 years.
Then, once a year the inmates will be shaven by the prison staff and a new ID photo will be made so that the prison staff can have a shaved and bearded photo on file.
"The bearded dragon was collected and immediately taken to a vets for a check up," said RSPCA inspector Izzi Hignell.
Detailed discussion of passages from William Shakespeare, John Lyly, Ben Jonson, Thomas Middleton, and other early modern dramatists provides insights that illuminate Johnston's notable depiction of the dutifully submissive beardless boy--heroine, who parades herself as a pederastic boy in order to marry a bearded man to whom she has 'managed to establish her erotic subordination' (p.
To test the beard theory, Javier Sanz posted his resume on an online marketplace, where one resume had his clean shaven picture and another featured his bearded look, reported.
The New York Times recently ran a charmless story about beard-grooming products, illustrated with charming photos of hot bearded celebs like Affleck, Pitt, Clooney, and a smattering of younger stars with patchy, pubic face rugs.
State officials are required to shave in Tajikistan, and bearded men have reported problems securing employment, according to the International Religious Freedom Report for 2011 by the US Department of State.
I thought it was a young gobbler, but a friend says it's a bearded hen.
Troublesome too, for this impressively bearded man, is the prospect of a bacon sandwich smothered in brown sauce.
The Takamatsu High Court on Monday rejected a former Naruto city assemblyman's suit against the Tokushima prefectural election commission, saying he lost by one vote to a bearded candidate described by some voters on their ballots simply as ''bearded'' candidate.
Fuelling these complaints was a belief that the bearded man was naturally more religious than his clean-shaven counterpart, a view that may have been reinforced by the prevalence of beards amongst Jews and Orthodox Christians since--although their religious beliefs might be viewed as inferior to those of the Church of England--it was grudgingly conceded that they were often far more devout in their worship than the Anglican population of Britain.