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arboreal civet of Asia having a long prehensile tail and shaggy black hair

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The final resting place of that Bearcat--or, more precisely, the attempt to verify its final resting place--was the reason an underwater archaeologist from Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) and three volunteer divers working with the Institute of Maritime History (IMH) found themselves on the Chesapeake Bay June 10, chugging toward the location where a known aircraft, suspected to be the Bearcat, lies submerged and relatively intact in the murky depths.
He still has that Bearcat. My granddaughter, his youngest, also has a Bearcat as her first firearm as I presented her with one of the Lipsey's Ruger stainless steel, round-butt Shopkeeper's Models.
Just think about getting a quote for a Merlin overhaul or the Pratt R-2800 that powered the original Bearcat. Having been around warbirds his entire career, Skip Holm is quite aware of the challenge.
Seeing the quality of the Bearcat, in addition to the outstanding customer service, some Rugers will have to be included in my cache in the future.
He has a 118-35 record as the Bearcats head coach, and combined with his 10 seasons at Austin College, Tjeerdsma has an overall mark of 176-74-4 (.701).
To "grab" the freshman customer from the get-go, University of Cincinnati's Adkins developed a Bearcat Bundle Package, and distributed a flyer and order form to parents and students during freshman orientation.
Hall's third band, the Bearcat Cajun Playboys, are devoted to a purist interpretation of vintage Louisiana classics, patiently waiting their turn for the next album to be released by the label that bears their name.
Most of the New Model Blackhawk, Single-Six and Bearcat guns continue to be produced today.
Annie said: "Few women would know the answer to the Bearcat question."
One envisions a rain-drenched forest ranger, shouting into his radio mike, "All right, we just had a bolt hit that big kindlingswood tree on Bearcat Ridge.
There are a lot of good .22 rimfire handguns to choose from, but when my daughter wanted to learn to shoot, I bought her a Ruger Bearcat single-action .22 revolver.
represents the 'kit gun' idea applied to a single action." The compact Bearcat sold for $49.50.
In his article in the December 2013 issue, Taffin says, "The Bearcat is also unique in that it is the only Ruger single action that has both a transfer bar and a 1/2-cock notch.
VMF-321 was mobilized on 1 March 1951 and equipped with F8F Bearcat fighters, preparing to deploy to the Korean War zone.
Ruger's new Bearcat is a picture-perfect image of its much bigger centerfire single-actions.