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vitis-idaea; and bearberry) were consumed at that time than in all other seasons combined.
Juicy as well as nutritious, with skin-brightening mulberry, bearberry and grape extracts, plus Vitamins A and E.
Farther from the walk, he switched to masses of bearberry cotoneaster (C.
The Day Moisturizer features zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as well as a complex of lactic and kojic acids and mulberry, bearberry and licorice extracts that act as a hydroquinone lightening alternative, exfoliating the skin to benefit penetration of key ingredients.
Thirty-eight percent of nests (n = 39; habitat not recorded for two nests) were in microhabitats of moss or "heath," primarily Labrador tea (Ledum decumbens) crowberry (Empetrum nigrum) and bearberry (Arctostaphylos spp.).
These include natural ingredients with skin lightening effects, such as bearberry, aloe, soy, licorice, chitin and vitamins such as niacinamide and C.
Phase A Crodafos CES (Croda) 4.00 (Cetearyl alcohol (and) dicetyl phosphate (and) ceteth-10 phosphate) Crodacol C-70 (Croda) 1.50 (Stearyl alcohol) Volpo S-2 (Croda) 0.40 (Steareth-2) Volpo S-10 (Croda) 1.20 (Steareth-10) Petrolatum 4.00 Mineral Oil 6.00 Phase B Deionized water 68.10 Glycerin 5.00 Phase C Citric acid 0.10 Phase D Sodium metabisultite 0.30 Sodium sulfite 0.40 Phase E Deionized water 5.00 Etioline (Croda) 3.00 (Glycerine (and) butylene glycol (and) bearberry (arctostaphylos uva ursi) extract (and) mitracarpus scaber extract) Phase F Germaben II (ISP/Sutton) 1.00 (Propylene glycol (and) diazolidinyl urea (and) methylparaben (and) propylparaben) PROCEDURE: Combine ingredients of phase A with mixing and heat to 75-80[degrees]C.
Each product is steroid free and contains effective blends of neem, burdock, bearberry, chamomile, allantoin and vitamins A and E to reduce inflammation and irritation, support skin's immune system and encourage healing.
This product is a blend of paper mulberry root extract, bearberry leaf extract, a natural debridement enzyme, and other co-factors, activators and stabilizers.
With the combined action of kojic dipalmitate--a fat soluble skin whitening agent--and bearberry extract, Absolute Pearl corrector evens out excessively pigmented areas while pearl powder works to moisturize and licorice extract soothes skin.
Juice Beauty products blend certified organic ingredients, such as aloe vera, grapeseed oil, bearberry botanicals, fatty acids and grape, carrot and pomegranate juice.
To get around this problem many companies use plant extracts that contain arbutin, a glycosylated hydroquinone derivative from the leaves of the bearberry, cranberry and blueberry shrubs, and most types of pears such as bearberry.
Tri-K Skin Lightening System INCI name: PEG-4 (and) lactic acid (and) kojic acid (and) butylene glycol (and) mulberry (morus bombycis) root extract (and) bearberry (arctostaphylos uva-ursi) extract (and) licorice.
Another skin care product, Gattefosse's Bearberry Optivegetol, is derived from the bearberry (arctostaphylos uva ursi) plant.
Optivegetol Bearberry INCI name: arctostaphylos uva ursi (bearberry) extract Suggested use level: 2.5-5% Applications: skin care for greasy/acne prone skin, clear lotions, purifying gels, products for atopic (extremely dry) skin, shaving products, toiletries Comments: Purifying active for problem skin, normalizes the skin ecosystem.