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The frustration would have been less exasperating if it had been less gamesome and boyish: a serious assault of which the newspaper reporter "can aver that it endangered the learned gentleman's ribs," or can respectfully bear witness to "the soles of that gentleman's boots having been visible above the railing," has perhaps more consolations attached to it.
This is a tradition of the olden time, to which priests and poets bear witness.
She had already called Arthur Clennam to bear witness to this fable, as a friend of the Meagles family; and she followed up the move by now impounding the family itself for the same purpose.
Fragments of straw also, recently torn, bear witness to the murderer's movements under the bed.
And Isaacs & Sons were delighted at the great man's pleasantry, and afterward repeated it many times, calling upon each other to bear witness, and Spear felt as though some one had given him a new backbone, and Andrews, who was guiding Thorndike out of the building, was thinking to himself what a great confidence man had been lost when Thorndike became a banker.
It is possible that Jesus was telling the disciples to watch for the signs so that they will be ready to die as Jesus dies, and, in dying, bear witness to the power that life has, even over death itself.
If we are not to lie when we call ourselves "Christians", we must bear witness to it by our way of living.
and bear witness to our unique windows on these important episodes in American life.
This titanism, the aspiration to bear witness to "everything," risks disintegrating his chosen tool, photography, or in ally case transforming it into a sort of continuous take, not yet cinema or video but no longer just photography.
In a statement, Pearl's father said, ``We are convinced that our world will be strengthened and more secure when people of courage and goodwill stand together in solidarity to bear witness against terror and the anti-Semitic prejudice that killed our son.
The results from this study, although negative, bear witness to the immense power of the prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial," Levin says in his editorial.
Legal officials on both sides of the case bear witness to the intense acrimony that still exists 24 years later.
We can only live in the moment and bear witness in our times, but the Epistle lesson reminds us that all moments and times (and authorities and powers, for that matter) must be viewed sub specie aeternitatis, "under the aspect of eternity.
Vatican -- Receiving letters of credence from a new ambassador of Taiwan on January 30, 2004, the Holy Father declared that the religious and cultural conditions of Taiwan bear witness to the fact that human development should not be limited to economic or material success.
How We Got Over is a stirring collection of more than 50 testimonies where the contributors (who donated their time and stories) bear witness to the goodness of God, as they share experiences about the evidence of His power in their lives.