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It is like espionage to bring a test to bear upon another, is it not?
He said that he would acquire no knowledge which did not bear upon his object.
In his easy-to-follow conversational style, he touches upon various aspects of post Vatican Council Catholicism, analyzes them, and then brings his deep knowledge of Holy Scripture to bear upon them.
Mark Allan Powell examines the biblical accounts that bear upon this issue and considers how these passages and the biblical witness might be considered.
Fish, like Sandra Gunning, brings the black Atlantic to bear upon early figures such as Prince and Seacole, and reveals that black disaporic identification was not always antithetical to nation and empire, but often worked in concert with them.
His polysemous "changing worlds" encompass both the transformations effected within poetry and mutations of language and climate that bear upon it.
The issues that bear upon the details of how, when and in what amount revenue should be recognized are broad and extremely deep.
Many of the great names in post-Enlightenment English writing -- particularly in the nineteenth century -- are the names of prophetic dissenters to the social order, who brought their ethical and aesthetic energies to bear upon social questions: Blake, Wordsworth, Ruskin, George Eliot, Dickens.
Under RESPA, the HUD Secretary is authorized to conduct hearings to investigate conditions and practices that bear upon provisions of the Act and to prescribe regulations or recommend legislation to correct any problems.
That atmosphere of strife and confusion ably mirrors the film's moral climate, in which Tavernier brings his characteristic acuity to bear upon weighing the meaning of combat and the ethics of a true warrior.
Bracewell is especially accomplished in bringing different historical approaches to bear upon the subject of the uskoks, with chapters that explore hard military, political, and economic issues, for instance, on "Border Military Systems," on "The Raiding Economy," and on "Military Authority and Raiding.
Kennedy bring a diverse set of experiences to bear upon Charles River Laboratories.
She brings this discussion to bear upon the desire to interpret art, especially as any given artifact might offer a spiritual-depth dimension.
Such musical "use" might bear upon McNamee's view of their symbolism within the Good Friday Liturgy.
He also notes the way in which Delany has brought his sophisticated fictional techniques and tropes to bear upon his nonfiction writing.