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almond-flavored yeast-raised pastry shaped in an irregular semicircle resembling a bear's claw


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Sew together an assorted gray C, assorted white D and 4 unit 1's as shown to make a Bear Paw block.
A police investigation found Teel had been stealing from Bear Paw CU's ATMs, teller cash drawers, a lobby coin vault and the credit union vault, according to court documents.
The Bear Paw] has been in the same spot running ever since then," says Jo Miller, general manager at the Bear Paw Cafe.
The facilities have 63 Bcf of net gas reserves and exist in the Bear Paw fields near NorthWestern's other natural gas production assets.
Finally, a forensic anthropologist in the New York City medical examiner's office examined the foot and identified it as a bear paw.
4) The contracted renal pelvis with dilated calyces has been likened to the pawprint of a bear; hence the diagnostic bear paw sign.
A CHINESE man who landed at Romania's main airport carrying a bear paw in his luggage has been detained by authorities.
Bear Paw Development has been helping businesses in northern Montana for almost 25 years, serving Hill, Blaine, Liberty, Chouteau, and Phillips counties and the Fort Belknap and Rocky Boy's Indian Reservations.
Among the many symbols of sufficient import to me to wear permanently on my skin is a bear paw, a big one covering the inside of my upper left arm.
From a wildlife quilt sampler and traditional Bear Paw snuggler to a log cabin design with a wildlife panel center, this is packed with color and ideas perfect for any needlework collection.
Our next stop is the Bear Paw Galaxy, NGC 2537, which sits 3.
Every so often, they would pile up and trip on the heels of my clumsy bear paw snowshoe tracks.
The application for the grant was presented jointly to the Council by Great Plains CEO Sam Huttenbauer, and Pam Lemer, value added agriculture coordinator for Bear Paw Development Corporation.
Produced by Bear Paw Media Productions, a division of Native Counselling Services, the film focuses on First Nations and Metis Elders, victims, and survivors sharing their stories to encourage others to get the support they need.
Spokane, The Davenport Hotel, Costco, Holiday Inn Express, KREM 2, Craig Sweat Photography, Clear Channel, MTR Communications, Hamilton Studios, Camp Fire USA, Jeanne's Doggie Daycare, Franz Family Bakeries, XO Communications, Sunny FM Radio in Wenatchee, Dell, Valley Honda & Acura, Buck Knives, McDonald's Restaurants, Anastasia's Portraits, Red Lion Inn, Northern Exposures Photography Studio, Bear Paw Quilting, Sunny Buns Tanning Salon, Lamar Advertising, and Moloney, O'Neill, Inc.