bear hug

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a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

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a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest

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What made the tour even more memorable is how everyone gave their biggest bear hugs and smiles to spread positivity and heal hearts, as well as donated toys and school supplies to less privileged kids.
Mr Crosland said: "He jumped out of the car and grabbed hold of the sergeant in a bear hug, lifting him off the ground.
In other words, Guv CB wasn't in the mood for bromantic bear hugs with the veep - or anyone else in the Trump administration, for that matter.
Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade showed his appreaciation for three honest men by giving them bear hugs and checks on Thursday.
"If you're strong enough to bear hug a player and not let him get to the ground then you don't get a black card and that is being coached at the minute, I know well that it is.
The photo of Van Duzer enveloping Obama in a bear hug made waves across the Internet.
According to Politico, Obama was lifted in a bear hug by 1.90 meter-tall (6.3ft) Duzer.
It's not just kids who neeed a bedtime cuddle from the favourite bear to send them to slumber, one third of British adults also rely on a bedtime bear hug, according to research by UK budget hotel brand Travelodge.
Friday Let It Bleed, Snafu, Aberdeen Bear Hug legends, The 2 Bears, headline Snafu tonight.
A great big bear hug to everyone that helped out with planning, cooking food, donating food.
Caption: Twenty years ago, the Cornell Club of Long Island created the Big Red "Bear Hug" Party to collect teddy bears for distribution to children in local hospitals during the holiday season.
To paraphrase Philip Larkin, "they wind you up, your teenage kids", but can there be a parent in the land who didn't fold their teenager in a bear hug or give thanks for their survival when they read of the Cumbrian school bus crash and the deaths of Kieran Goulding, 15, and Chloe Walker, an only child killed on her 16th birthday?
(P&G) has created the "All You Need is Luvs" marketing campaign to coincide with the introduction of the Luvs brand's Bear Hug Stretch version.
Here is Branch, for instance, summing up the difference between the two presidents King had to deal with: "Whereas Kennedy had charmed King while keeping him at a safe distance, harping in private on the political dangers of alleged subversives in the civil rights movement, Johnson in the White House was intensely personal but unpredictable--treating King variously to a Texas bear hug of shared dreams or a towering, wounded snit." These are the kinds of distinctions on which history, in delicate moments, can turn.