bear hug

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a wrestling hold with arms locked tightly around the opponent

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a takeover bid so attractive that the directors of the target company must approve it or risk shareholder protest

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The defendant waited for the money to come out of the machine but before that a man grabbed him in a bear hug.
Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade showed his appreaciation for three honest men by giving them bear hugs and checks on Thursday.
If you're strong enough to bear hug a player and not let him get to the ground then you don't get a black card and that is being coached at the minute, I know well that it is.
The photo of Van Duzer enveloping Obama in a bear hug made waves across the Internet.
According to Politico, Obama was lifted in a bear hug by 1.
Also the calming feeling of a bear hug also helps them to de-stress after a hard day - which aids sleep.
A DRUG dealer who stabbed a teenager to death as he was being held in a bear hug was jailed for 10 years yesterday.
P&G) has created the "All You Need is Luvs" marketing campaign to coincide with the introduction of the Luvs brand's Bear Hug Stretch version.
The most enthusiastic buss occurred when Mayer excitedly greeted girlfriend Jessica Simpson, now a brunette, with a bear hug and lip lock, as daddy Joe and sister Ashley looked on.
POP beauty Gwen Stefani gives her baby a bear hug as she goes to a photoshoot in New York.
I had walked down to a supermarket on Columbus Avenue, when I was suddenly swept up in a massive bear hug by my friend, Alvin.
Why men of a certain frame and body-hair count are coming out of hibernation: Bear Pride in Chicago (May 26-30) promises bearaoke, a Teddy Bears Picnic, and the Boys Town Bar Crawl; * tiki-themed BearQuake Five-O in Los Angeles (July 1-4) includes a visit to Disneyland, a Bear Hug Party, and the Mr.
He has attended prayer services held in Belfast's Protestant-only neighborhoods, gone into English prisons, and during one retreat found himself, after a moment of honest reckoning, giving a bear hug to an inmate who had been a British soldier.
Green took that opportunity to rush Poisal, wrestle him to the ground, and place him in bear hug.
A MAN who attacked a police officer and held him in a bear hug was warned by Denbighshire magistrates yesterday that he could go to prison.