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"It was their very happiness and their intended future together that brought about the devastation that came to bear down upon them, perhaps jealousy, anger and revenge all playing their part."
While I would never even pretend to be unbiased, my point here transcends family: Networking is not something that goes out of style, loses its value or vitality, or "skips a generation" as the demands of the 21st century workplace bear down upon us.
between the gills and body, to bear down upon the spine.
It is easy to get caught up in the pressures of life that bear down upon us from all sides, and so we do not give our own prayer life the attention it requires, thinking that our time with God can wait: wait until we have done just this one more thing, made this one more phone call, read this last report, watched this last news update.
A WHIRLWIND will bear down upon the Gateshead leisure centre this Easter weekend in the form of 11 of Liverpool's finest young boxers as they bid for national title glory in the Golden Gloves schoolboy finals.