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It is the first time a polar bear cub has been born in the UK for a quarter of a century, the organisation said.
RZSS chief executive Barbara Smith said: "The first polar bear cub in the UK for a quarter of a century will arouse interest around the world.
Annie Eytle, acting events and regional fundraising manager at Birmingham Children's Hospital Charity, added: "We're incredibly grateful to the students and staff at Bournville School for helping us to do more for our sick kids by organising a 'grrr-eat' fundraiser, alongside decorating their bear cub.
There have been no polar bear cubs born in Britain for more than 20 years.
Ringwood, New Jersey -- A frightened bear cub got its head stuck in an oversized cookie jar while rummaging through some trash and had to be rescued from a tree.
ZONGULDAK (CyHAN)- Forestry and Water Affairs Directorate crews found an abandoned little bear cub in the forest about to freeze in Turkish southern province of Zonguldak's Alapli district.
It's illegal to ride a manatee in Florida or sell a box turtle in Indiana, but you can pet a bear cub in Michigan.
Summary: Orphaned polar bear cub has settled in at Alaska Zoo.
A young brown bear cub trapped by poachers has been by the Bulgarian forestry and environmental authorities, the Forestry Agency announced.
The Cemetery is the final resting place of people from all walks of life--hockey star Bill Mosienko, restauranteur Chrys Kelekis, 1919 strike activist Fred Dixon, Harry Colebourn whose bear cub became Winnie the Pooh, and the infamous "Bloody" Jack Krafchenko.
THOMPSON, Cats Luna, The Little Moon Bear Cub New Holland, 2009 unpaged $14.
The teddy bear was born after President Theodore Roosevelt spared the life of a bear cub during a hunting trip in Mississippi in 1902.
GERMANY'S latest famous polar bear cub opened her eyes for the first time yesterday, and it appears she may be cross-eyed.
Looks like orphan polar bear cub Knut is ready for his closeup.
Arctic Tale (National Geographic Books, $30), the adult companion book to the 2007 film of the same name (adapted by Donnali Fifield), follows the lives of Nanu, the polar bear cub, and Seela, the walrus calf.