bear away

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remove from a certain place, environment, or mental or emotional state

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These are exceptionally loud flash bangs designed to scare a polar bear away.
Wright went into the house and banged on the inside door leading into the garage, hoping to scare the bear away," reported the Aspen Daily News.
The thing takes quite a bit of abuse, so every year, I have to throw the bear away because it gets too messed up,'' said Bring, who graduated from CalState Northridge with a business degree and works in the accounting department for Fox's TV show ``Stand Off.
And if an analyst one day Of school of Adler, Jung or Freud Should take this aged bear away, Then, oh my God, the dreadful void
Jack, now 20, says: "I don't risk taking Bear away with me when I'm travelling because I don't want to lose him.
First a dragonfly hovers around a flower, then a fish leaps up and gobbles the dragonfly, then a bear grabs the fish and finally an eagle swoops down and carries the bear away.
Agents finally herded the bear away, but it returned the next morning.
Soon a member of Blackpool's security staff led the bear away from the area behind the goal.
But I know that if I gave the bear away I'd feel rather sad.
Police drove the bear away and the boy was returned unharmed to his parents, members of a nomadic tribe.
Mike then heard a voice shooing the bear away and tried to explain that they were filming and could he please be quite.
really wants to die in the electric chair, so he can bear away the sins of the white men who throw the switch.