bear away

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remove from a certain place, environment, or mental or emotional state

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Research findings also revealed 25% of male respondents reported they take their teddy bear away with them when going away on business.
We must bear away the body to another place--Oscar Wilde.
One of the women, 64-year-old Galya Dimitrova, was wounded severely and her life was saved only by the decisive and fearless reaction of the other woman, her sister, who managed to scare the bear away. The victim of the bear attack is still recovering in hospital.
Sailing fast and well, Artemis just managed to squeeze in and take the lead while BMW Oracle Racing - sailing no more than one boat length behind Artemis, had no other choice but to bear away to give way to the other boats, finally rounding the top mark last.
These are exceptionally loud flash bangs designed to scare a polar bear away.
Instead the bear pounced and she screamed in agony as it grabbed the back of her neck in its jaws." Six keepers battled to push the bear away and hauled the woman out of the pool.
"Wright went into the house and banged on the inside door leading into the garage, hoping to scare the bear away," reported the Aspen Daily News.
Penelope was always able to provoke him to hysteria by threatening to harm Archie; TV producers learned that if Archie came to the studio Betjeman was having a bad day; and his poem "Archibald" is a wonderful mixture of tenderness and paranoia: And if an analyst one day Of school of Adler, Jung or Freud Should take this aged bear away, Then, oh my God, the dreadful void!
Jack, now 20, says: "I don't risk taking Bear away with me when I'm travelling because I don't want to lose him.
First a dragonfly hovers around a flower, then a fish leaps up and gobbles the dragonfly, then a bear grabs the fish and finally an eagle swoops down and carries the bear away.
Agents finally herded the bear away, but it returned the next morning.
Photographic and cinematic images have the "irrational power" to "bear away our faith" (p.