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Synonyms for bear


bring yourself to


give birth to



bear down on someone


bear down on something or someone

bear on something


bear with someone


Synonyms for bear

to hold up

to sustain the weight of

to hold on one's person

to move while supporting

to cause to come along with oneself

to hold and turn over in the mind

to be endowed with as a visible characteristic or form

to conduct oneself in a specified way

to give birth to

to bring forth (a product)

to exert pressure


to proceed in a specified direction

bear on: to be pertinent

bear up: to withstand stress or difficulty

Synonyms for bear

an investor with a pessimistic market outlook

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Related Words

move while holding up or supporting

bring forth, "The apple tree bore delicious apples this year"

take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person

have on one's person


Related Words

have rightfully


Related Words

support or hold in a certain manner

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Polar bears have survived previous Arctic warming periods, including the last warm stretch between ice ages some 130,000 years ago, but some experts say that nothing in the species' history is likely to match the extent of warming and ice retreats projected in this century and beyond, should emissions of heat-trapping gases continue unabated.
ITEM: "Polar bears might not be extinct until 2040," writes Kassie Siegel, an attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity, in the Los Angeles Times for January 14, "but that doesn't mean we have 30 years to do nothing.
2) A screen shot of the bear spotted in Westlake Village.
The chemical of interest is ursodeoxycholic acid, which has been found only in bear bile.
It's not the healthiest thing to be happening for bears, but it was inevitable," says Craig Stevenson, 29, of Long Beach, Calif.
Louisiana black bear is but one mammal struggling to survive in the world's increasingly fragmented forests.
For more information about black bears, call one of the following Department of Fish and Game offices:
Our bear is being purchased by two Rotary clubs in El Monte to commemorate the groups' 100th anniversary,'' he said.
My husband took early retirement in 1998 with the view of expanding our spring bear hunt business," Lynn says.
Studies by Tom Reimchen, also at the University of Victoria, have shown that, over the course of the salmon spawning season, bears carry up to 700 salmon each into the rainforest, eating only half of any one fish.
Since the first bear count Proctor and his colleagues ran, the method "has taken over the world," he says.
It doesn't take much to attract a hungry bear--an outside garbage can, dog food left on a porch, even a barbecue grill--so officials have been telling homeowners, tourists and campers not to leave bear bait.
For more information, call 888-560 BEAR (2327) or visit the company's award-winning Web sites at www.
Six hours later, after a fruitless search by a half-dozen sheriff's deputies and animal-control officers who tried following the bear's tracks through the semirural neighborhood south of Pearblossom Highway, the bear reappeared.
Previously, the bear had continuously prowled around Tietbohl's house for five or six weeks, and it had even managed to enter his house on three occasions by either pushing open a sliding glass door or by opening a latched door by pushing down on a levered handle.