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an annual dinner party given by an employer for the employees

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THERE'S nothing a quango loves more than an expensive beanfeast. In Kilmarnock last week the management of Crosshouse hospital held a celebration dinner entitled Ayrshire Achieves.
BOOKMAKERS enjoyed something of a beanfeast at Swindon on Thursday, with only one of the eight televised races going to the favourite.
To mark the occasion we're giving five lucky winners the chance to pick up a Beanfeast of wonderful DVDs.
BEANFEAST...Corinne Robinson with the kopi luak coffee beans.' he cheapest coffee in the city centre appears to be available at the Flying Standard, the Wetherspoon's pub in Trinity Street, where a freshly-ground cup costs 69p.' TASTE TEST...Alma's coffee shop customers (above, from left) Ivor Wherry, Jack Shuttleworth and Thanh Vo sample the civet coffee' Mr Shuttleworth takes a sip (left)' and Mr Wherry considers his verdict on the exotic brew (above).
Arc weekend, Newmarket's Champions day and the beanfeast of the Breeders' Cup have simply switched the emphasis to late in the season.
On the celebratory front, following a gap last year, Mipcom will be hosting its usual Man of the Year beanfeast, this time honoring Discovery's John Hendricks.
Leading Manufacturers of Specialist Vegetarian Food Brands, 1989-92 Company Turnover Year (Brands) (|pounds~m) Birds Eye/Walls (Country Club Cuisine) 621.5 1991 Ross Foods (Linda McCartney's) 542.9 1991 Heinz (Weight Watchers) 495.0 1991 Brooks Bond (Beanfeast) 365.0 1989 RHM Foods (Atora) 280.6 1991 Dalepark 40.6 1992 Haldane (Realeat) 30 (est.) 1991 Baxters of Speyside 27.6 1991 Marlow Foods (Quorn) 18.0(*) 1991 * Sales in Quorn brand only; Source: Leatherhead Food Research Vegetarianism in Europe and the USA, 1991 Country Total pop.
The Beanfeast cafe at Paisley Sheriff Court collected PS9,000, which will be split between Caring Ferguslie Park, Orkidstudio and Brightest Star.
If the Germans had made a raid on them they would have had a beanfeast.
In theory this was a CBSO concert; in practice it was a bit of a beanfeast, despite, after a sparkling Glinka 'Russlan and Ludmilla' Overture, the major offering of Elgar's heartbreakingly poignant 'Music Makers' as the meat in the first half.
Their brainstorming beanfeast had a security lockdown on a par with the Tories and Labour.
The literary beanfeast in the Tyne Valley has become established now and, as you can see, has broken its boundaries.
Only because this beanfeast in the oilfields was a friendly did keeper Ben Foster stay on the pitch after bringing down Nilmar - scorer of Brazil's winner - for a blatant penalty.
The expected Gordon Elliott beanfeast turned into a famine as only Backstage delivered at the unbackable odds of 2-7.