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a small cloth bag filled with dried beans

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I'd see him curled up in his beanbag. He'd open an eye and look at me, wag his tail, 'Thank you for the beanbag,' he seemed to be saying.
To be fair, Pogba could argue Ken bent the rules by wearing a rimmed hat, which clearly helped hold the beanbag in place.
| Cat snoozes on a beanbag at his favourite store (left)
He allegedly resisted arrest and was hit by a beanbag round.
Jen said: "Atlas is an absolute hoot and doesn't stop running around unless he's crashed out on his massive beanbag. He even has his own pet stroller so my 15-year-old daughter Laurrie and I can take him out and about. BEDDING DUVET SET, PS45, ASPACE.CO.UK STRIPE RUG (LARGE), PS130, JOJO MAMAN BeBe NEON PRINT BEANBAG, PS65, ASPACE.CO.UK STACKING BUCKET, PS39, ASPACE.
It sits happily alongside the denim beanbag and the large red angle poise lamp.
Besides the beanbag, the Coma Inducer material is available as a sheet set, a comforter and a twin XL dorm blanket.
Marine and Iraq War veteran whose skull was fractured during an Occupy protest when he was hit by a beanbag round fired by police has reached a $4.5 million agreement to settle a federal lawsuit with the city of Oakland, his lawyers and city officials announced Friday.
Any beanbag that slides off the platform is not counted.
So, when a beanbag company dubbed itself Antakh , it seemed appropriate.
The childrenwere aged fromthree to nine, and took part in a variety of activities from racing, hurdles, shot putt, long jump and beanbag throwing.
However as she has made herself comfy and cosy on the big arm chair with Cherry Pig, Thunderbolt the puppet mouse and Beanbag Frog--she will not be able to go to sleep as they are wide awake and somewhat rowdy.
For instance, kids learn the letter A by seeing it, saying it (and what it sounds like), holding it (on a toy), tracing it, dancing with it, throwing it (on a beanbag), and more.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Police in riot gear clashed with anti-Wall Street protesters overnight, firing tear gas and beanbag rounds at hundreds of demonstrators in Oakland and forcibly evicting and arresting more than 50 others in Atlanta.