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Honeylocust, honey locust, common honeylocust, honey shucks locust, sweet bean tree
Bees will be attracted to many favourites such as fruit trees - apple, pears, plums and cherries - as well as the horse chestnut, hawthorns, sorbus, Indian bean tree, the Judas tree and the strawberry tree.
Large foliage plants like hosta, banana plant, fatsia and Indian bean tree, enhance the effect, as will rhubarb, marrows, giant pumpkins and sweetcorn.
The Indian Bean tree is very unusual - it has big golden leaves and flowers with big white candelabra flowers.
Unsigned rock bands who lent their voice to the proceedings included TSK (This System Kills), State Mentality, Lucky Bean Tree, Sugarcane, Karma Violet, 100,000 Bodybags, Valley Confusion and Pilotfish.
ask Diarmuid DEAR DIARMUID, I have got an Indian bean tree and for the first time in seven years it has finally flowered.
Despite its common name, this tree is neither Indian nor a bean tree.
Like good citizens, they applied for planning permission before taking a saw to an eucalyptus and an Indian bean tree in their garden.
Many a marigold patch got ravaged this way, the marigold usually providing a tasty entree before the same goats found, at the back of the house, the most succulent spinach and bean trees, neatly twined on runners to allow the plants the best creep-ability.
All those fanciful thoughts of exotic figs, black walnuts, Gingko and Indian bean trees were dashed: I could picture Mr Jones guffawing into his flat cap at the thought of such madness.
Rodents can also cause problems to the environment, with Constantinou complaining that many locust bean trees were dying because of rodent attacks.
In biographical and American literary contexts, she treats these themes, and critics' readings of, her novels including The Bean Trees (1988) and The Poisonwood Bible (1999), essay collections, poetry, and her ecologically-minded memoir Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (2007).
A black, 2-millimeter-long wasp from East Africa is helping wage war on one of its own kind--the Erythrina gall wasp (Quadrastichus erythrinae), an invasive species that has decimated Hawaii's wiliwili and coral bean trees.
In this small contemporary garden, pebbles, smooth paving and timber decking are combined with large-leaved Indian bean trees underplanted with the black grass, Ohiopogon Nigrescens.
Novelists in the United States who dare to sweep the barn rather than spread the tablecloth--who examine social and political problems rather than conceal them--often find their work viewed with suspicion, says Barbara Kingsolver, author of acclaimed novels such as The Poisonwood Bible and The Bean Trees.