bean curd

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cheeselike food made of curdled soybean milk

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As the production of preserved bean curd requires fermentation, Bacillus cereus will multiply when production is not hygienic or storage is not proper.
Despite it being a busy Friday night, we did not have to wait long to sample our vegan banquet, which for starters included deep-fried bean curd spring rolls and vegan 'chicken' legs, served with a barbecue sauce.
TAKEAWAY: Jade Garden CUISINE: Chinese ADDRESS: 75 Market St, Hoylake, Wirral, CH47 2BH ORDER: Beef in black bean sauce with green peppers, bean curd in a yellow bean sauce with cashew nuts, large portion of soft noodles, egg fried rice.
My partner was recommended the hot and sour bean curd soup (LE 55) ahead of our shared dim sum basket (LE 120) while I chose the deep-fried scallops.
It can be used in a multitude of forms -- soy sauce, soybean meal, vegetable oil, bean curd, fermented soybean paste, soy milk and as a coffee substitute.
Another added: "I think the bridge is probably made of bean curd.
95), a lively dish in which little cubes of bean curd are perfectly browned, bathed in kicky red chile and garlic sauce and plated on broccoli florets done al dente.
I can live on Thai Pavilion's raw mango and water chestnut salad, have its sweet and sour silken bean curd forever, and let myself be surprised by the simple pleasures of the green curry, which has just the right proportion of coconut milk, and corn cakes sexed up with red curry paste.
Here, at the long-established Wing Wah, a large, sparkling, pagoda-style place situated on the eye-catching Wing Yip retail development in Nechells, the soothing, satisfying cubes of bean curd came fried, crispcoated, salty and paired with slivers of feisty red chilli.
This bean curd is a versatile meat replacement that can take on the flavours really well.
Tofu is a new sport that requires martial arts participants to perform codified systems and traditions of combat practices while standing inside a giant tub of bean curd.
It featured vegetarian spring rolls, deep-fried sweet corn cake, crispy battered vegetables, bean curd and carrot, cucumber and tomato salad in a Thai spicy sauce.
For me, I got to indulge in just about most of the sweets I love: ice creams of six kinds, crame caramel, a panacotta chocolate with caramel jelly, mango pudding with bitter almond bean curd, saffron rice pudding with raisins, peach trifles, mille-feuille, blueberry cheesecake, browniesa.
So, I start with the most basic of Sichuanese styles--the jia chang wei ying or home style flavour and discover the joys of bean curd or tofu.
Heinz Company (NYSE:HNZ) has acquired Chinese company Foodstar, a manufacturer of premium branded soy sauces and fermented bean curd in China, the company said on Thursday.