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several beads threaded together on a string

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Herewith I send you, my dear, a string of coral beads with gold clasps; I wish they were Oriental pearls; but "he who gives thee a bone does not wish to see thee dead;" a time will come when we shall become acquainted and meet one another, but God knows the future.
With this Teresa hurried out of the house with the letters, and with the string of beads round her neck, and went along thrumming the letters as if they were a tambourine, and by chance coming across the curate and Samson Carrasco she began capering and saying, "None of us poor now, faith!
"The madness is only this," said she, "that these are the letters of duchesses and governors, and these I have on my neck are fine coral beads, with ave-marias and paternosters of beaten gold, and I am a governess."
The woman leaned out of her door, shook the beads, and screamed after me:
The shopwoman ran to the nurse, thrust the beads into her hands, and said:
The nurse refused the beads squarely and firmly, and that ended the matter.
"As my beads are scattered so shall you scatter this People of the Axe."
"I would willingly do this, my sister, though I have never laboured in the fields, for wherever I have dwelt the men have kept me back from all work, save such as the weaving of flowers or the stringing of beads. But there is this against it--Umslopogaas, my husband, charged me that I should not toil with my hands, and I may not disobey my husband."
Esther had given her a rosary of black beads with a silver cross, but Amy hung it up and did not use it, feeling doubtful as to its fitness for Protestant prayers.
There were light boxes on shelves in the counting-house, and strings of mock beads hanging up.
Another little book or two were lying near, and a common basket of common fruit, and another basket full of strings of beads and tinsel scraps.
If I am killed you are to have my pearl bead ring."
If Anne had tumbled off the roof on the side up which she had ascended Diana would probably have fallen heir to the pearl bead ring then and there.
Whenever the wheels sank farther than usual into a rut, or jolted suddenly over a stone, she bounded involuntarily into the air, came down again, pushed back her funny little straw hat, and picked up or settled more firmly a small pink sun shade, which seemed to be her chief responsibility, --unless we except a bead purse, into which she looked whenever the condition of the roads would permit, finding great apparent satisfaction in that its precious contents neither disappeared nor grew less.
Miss Ross told me about Paris; she bought my pink sunshade there and my bead purse.