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small and round and shiny like a shiny bead or button

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In late summer, it covers itself with beadlike, brilliant orange berries the size of pinheads; they hold on for more than three months.
The scientists can design the beadlike microspheres to deliver a drug continuously or in pulses over a span ranging from a few hours to 6 months, Cleland said last week in San Francisco at a meeting of the Materials Research Society.
[16-20] Patients rest on a bed of beadlike ceramic spherules through which filtered air is circulated, thereby simulating the mechanics of "fluid" movement.
These are sold as spikes or beadlike granules that release nutrients over a period of time (usually three to nine months) with regular watering.
This is due to their tiny beadlike leaves that are arranged in rows on shiny black stems and their evergreen dwarf habit.
This case series describes vascular beadlike calcifications as an incidental finding in the intima-media layers of the lower limb vasculature in three endurance runners who underwent musculoskeletal ultrasound scanning for lower limb soft tissue injury.
Her complexion is olive without color; her abundant hair, worn parted, and drawn loosely back from her face in a heavy coil behind, is glossy and black; her eyes, very dark brown, are soft and kindly, rather than beadlike and glittering, after the popular notion that Indian eyes should be like.
(2) The antennal style is composed of three elements (proximal 'beadlike' element, elongate seta-bearing element, terminal seta-like sensory element), but it is not always possible to see a clear distinction between the first two elements.
(2) William Osler (1) in 1885 was the first to describe a patient with multiple beadlike aneurysms and coined the term mycotic anuerysm due to it's appearance resembling a fungal growth.