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Synonyms for beading

ornamentation with beads

a beaded molding for edging or decorating furniture

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The beading needles pass very easily through the fabric and the basic construction of the fabric allows for a more stable and sturdy work surface.
When it is necessary to change threads or stop at the end of a lane, push the needle all the way through the material and knot the thread on the other side of the beading material.
F) To make the neck strap I cut a long strip of leather to make sure that all 32 inches of beadwork will fit and about 1 1/2 inches wide for easy beading. Once again the beadwork is done using double thickness dental floss, glover's needle and regular lazy stitch.
Thread this piece through the eye of the beading needle to the center of the thread.
Her earrings are a mix media of stamped silver discs, decorated with bead work and a scalloped edge beading effect.
+ Needles: hand beading & size 75/11 embroidery
The beading kit is one of the best-selling products from Kiserena.
Shannon Jambard, known for her beading knowledge and her passion for helping others, is the owner of Meant to Bead in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.
First-Time Beading on Fabric is a recommendation for needlework and crafter's holdings alike and offers nine easy lessons that offer step-by-step instruction and close-up photography for learning some nine basic beading stitches.
The costume was all blue, fashioned with splendid beading and dazzling rhinestones and trimmed with blue mink.
Beads and beading have never been more popular and visitors can expect to find a huge range of beads including Austrian and Czech Crystals, fashion acrylics, seed beads, semi-precious to name a few.
The craft of beading continues on into the Boy Scout years, for neckerchief slides, Scouting symbols and loomed beadwork projects.
The book opens with a brief section on the basics of beading. Each of the 17 designs has detailed instructions, numerous color photographs and detailed bead diagrams.