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Synonyms for beady

Synonyms for beady

small and round and shiny like a shiny bead or button

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covered with beads or jewels or sequins

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Bertie Carvel brings splendidly controlled zest to Dorimant's knowing, gay friend Medley, and a beadily pragmatic Penny Ryder completely lives up to her character's name Pert.
Naturally it's a problem that's been building up for a while--with three Lord of the Rings (2001) movies and now King Kong, Jackson has apparently gotten used to the idea of hardcore fans beadily scrutinizing his take on classic material.
Now I know there will be no jolly welcome at the door because I will be eyeing them up and down beadily while analysing any potential weird undertones in their laughter.
15 svocitem (vicomtes) 5 iec (ice) 121 lnewgda (wangled), owl, nicer, fie, wet, age, med) 9 tiecrna (certain) 11 ittiecrna (intricate) 156 eprslud (slurped, lowed, crepitation, fried, wites, gavel, odeum, bayed) 149 rsuatni (nutrias, growled, petrifactions, figured, waiters, voltage, eudemon, beadily) 6 nuh (hun) 10 aby (bay, la) 15 re (re, glowered) 35 hm (hm, waterish, megavolt) 16 ro (or, diablery) 1725 oneznuhxabyxpoe (oxyphenbutazone, prettifications, xu) Total 2275 STEPHEN C.
"Your dad divorced your mum or perhaps he's working away?" Avril asked me beadily. "My dad's been dead for 14 years and my parents were married for almost 25," I wanted to scream.
Ducklings waddle and swim in their outside pen, kestrels and goshawks stare beadily from their aviaries.
Spoiler alert of a recent BBC programme on children: After six weeks of early bedtimes, beadily supervised homework and other wholesome activities, both guinea pigs' scores on a maths paper improved.